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When it comes to fishing near Islamorada, FL, you'll find an abundance of fantastic spots that cater to both inshore and offshore anglers. Here are seven of the best places to go fishing in the vicinity of Islamorada.

Florida Bay

Florida Bay is a vast, shallow body of water located between the Florida Keys and the mainland. It offers excellent opportunities for inshore fishing, particularly for species like bonefish, tarpon, redfish, and snook. The expansive flats and mangrove shorelines provide prime habitats for these game fish.

Everglades National Park

Located to the west of Islamorada, Everglades National Park boasts an expansive and diverse ecosystem. The park's backcountry waters and maze-like channels are a haven for snook, redfish, tarpon, and other sought-after species. Exploring the Everglades' pristine waters provides an unforgettable fishing experience.

Alligator Reef

Situated just a few miles offshore from Islamorada, Alligator Reef is a renowned fishing spot. This productive reef system is teeming with life, attracting a variety of fish species, including snapper, grouper, permit, and mackerel. The reef's close proximity to Islamorada makes it easily accessible for both boaters and anglers looking for a fruitful day on the water.

alligator reef

Islamorada Humps

The Islamorada Humps are underwater seamounts located offshore, roughly 20 miles from Islamorada. These submerged structures rise from the depths and create nutrient-rich upwellings, attracting a plethora of pelagic species. Anglers target mahi-mahi, sailfish, tuna, and wahoo around these humps, offering thrilling offshore fishing adventures.

Whale Harbor Channel

The Whale Harbor Channel is a deep-water passage situated near Islamorada. It serves as a major thoroughfare for migratory species, making it an excellent spot for targeting pelagic fish. Anglers often encounter kingfish, sailfish, tarpon, and other game fish as they navigate the channel's currents.

Channel 2 Bridge

Spanning the Intracoastal Waterway, the Channel 2 Bridge is a hotspot for both land-based and boat anglers. The bridge provides a structure where fish congregate, including snapper, tarpon, jacks, and even occasional permit. Casting from the bridge or anchoring nearby can yield productive fishing opportunities.

Long Key Bridge

Located a short distance north of Islamorada, the Long Key Bridge offers another prime fishing location. Similar to the Channel 2 Bridge, this structure attracts a variety of fish species, such as snapper, tarpon, barracuda, and sharks. Fishing from the bridge or positioning your boat strategically nearby can lead to fruitful catches.

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