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Offering a plethora of fish species to target, Destin, Florida, is renowned for its exceptional fishing opportunities. In this post we will dive into the top 10 fish species that anglers commonly target in Destin, Florida.

Red Snapper

A highly sought-after reef fish, known for its delicious white flesh. Red snapper is abundant in the Gulf of Mexico, and Destin is a prime spot for catching these prized fish.

ron red snapper


Varieties like gag, red, and black grouper inhabit the Gulf's reefs and wrecks. Grouper are known for their size and strength, making them a favorite among anglers.

gag destin

King Mackerel

Also called kingfish, these fast and aggressive predators are popular targets for both trolling and live bait fishing. King mackerel put up a spirited fight.


Often found near structures like buoys and wrecks, cobia are strong and excellent fighters. They are also known for their tasty flesh.

jason cobia


These powerful fish are a thrill to catch due to their strength and determination. Amberjack are commonly found around wrecks and offshore structures.



Also known as dolphin fish or dorado, mahi-mahi are colorful and acrobatic fish that offer exciting action for offshore anglers.

alex hare


Yellowfin and blackfin tuna frequent the Gulf's deep waters, providing a challenge for anglers seeking strong battles and excellent table fare.


Renowned for their speed and sharp teeth, wahoo are a prized catch for offshore fishermen. They are known for their aggressive strikes and blistering runs.

wahoo destin

Spanish Mackerel

Found near the surface, these fast-swimming fish are often targeted by trolling or casting. Spanish mackerel are a popular target for light tackle enthusiasts.


These colorful fish are commonly caught around reefs and artificial structures. They are known for their distinctive shape and strong fight.

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Destin has plenty more exciting species to target than just this list. If you’re looking to target any of these awesome fish and more in Destin, check out our Destin charters to book a trip with one of our many local and professional Destin fishing guides.