Everything You Need to Know About Maui, Hawaii Fishing

Maui Fishing Charters

The Hawaiian Islands are the peaks of a submerged mountain range that brings deep water and huge fish within striking distance from shore. The fishing opportunities in Hawaii will spoil any deep sea angler with the ability to start fishing in minutes and fights that can last hours. In Maui, the only time you’re not fishing is the few minutes it takes to reach the buoys. At that point, it's time to set lines because, by the time the spread is set, you’re fishing in over 1,000 feet of water. All of the Hawaiian Islands have exceptional fishing and every trip has the potential to hook up with massive and delicious fish.

Maui Nearshore Fishing

There is very little difference between nearshore and offshore fishing in Hawaii because of how quickly the seafloor drops off. With that being said, fishing closer to shore is more likely to produce mahi-mahi, wahoo (Ono), and skipjack tuna (Aku).

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Places to Stay in Maui, Hawaii