Everything You Need to Know About Calaveras Lake, Texas Fishing

Fishing Calaveras Lake

Calaveras Lake has over 3,600 acres of surface area and is located 20 miles south of San Antonio. The lake has a mixed shoreline of rock rip-rap as well as cattails and bulrush cover that many species in the lake congregate near. This isn’t a place most anglers would think of for redfish but sure enough, they live here with striped bass, largemouth bass, and catfish.

Calaveras Lake Largemouth Bass

Largemouth bass are a prominent gamefish in Texas and Calaveras Lake is no different. The largemouth hang around the vegetation and any cover they can find including the dam to hunt for food or escape the sun. The best time to target largemouth bass on Calaveras Lake is in the spring during their spawn and using artificial lures and worms to inspire a bite.

Calaveras Lake Striped Bass Fishing

Calaveras Lake hybrid striped bass are incredible fish, especially for freshwater species. Unlike largemouth, stripers prefer to patrol open water or deep structure to hunt baitfish. Fishing for stripers is all the action you can handle when the bite is on. With a long peak bite of January through August, catching these beasts is a blast from winter to summer. These fish are not picky and success can be had with artificial, live, or dead bait.

Calaveras Lake Redfish

Every year, Texas Parks & Wildlife (TPWD) stocks Calaveras Lake and Braunig Lake with thousands up to millions of Redfish seedlings. They survive and mature year over year, reaching the size of Bull Reds you might catch at the Galveston or Port O'Connor jetties. The best time to target redfish on Calaveras Lake is from March through August when the water temps are rising. You can hook up with these fish using live bait and a variety of artificial lures from spoons to flies. While fishing Calaveras Lake, You will not only appreciate the uniqueness of the freshwater redfish experience, but also the struggle of reeling in some giant fish.

Calaveras Lake Catfish

Possibly the most popular fish in the lake, blue and channel catfish thrive here. Catfish are known for their unusual appearance, huge growth potential, and great food qualities. While the peak season to catch catfish on Calaveras Lake is from March to May, you can expect them to bite throughout the year. The best way to target catfish is with any dead, cut, or stink bait on a hook with a weight 18 inches up the line to keep in on the bottom. Fishing for catfish is hit and miss, everytime you hook up with one it could be a couple pounds or over 50 pounds.

Calaveras Lake Weather

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