Everything You Need to Know About Calaveras Lake, Texas Fishing

Fishing Calaveras Lake

Calaveras Lake has over 3,600 acres of surface area and is located 20 miles south of San Antonio. The lake has a mixed shoreline of rock rip-rap as well as cattails and bulrush cover that many species in the lake congregate near. This isn’t a place most anglers would think of for redfish but sure enough, they live here with striped bass, largemouth bass, and catfish.

Calaveras Lake Largemouth Bass

Largemouth bass are a prominent gamefish in Texas and Calaveras Lake is no different. The largemouth hang around the vegetation and any cover they can find including the dam to hunt for food or escape the sun. The best time to target largemouth bass on Calaveras Lake is in the spring during their spawn and using artificial lures and worms to inspire a bite.

Calaveras Lake Striped Bass Fishing

Calaveras Lake hybrid striped bass are incredible fish, especially for freshwater species.

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