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Before the holidays, we were able to snag some time with Captain Christian and learn more about her and Captain Matt, and Destin fishing!

Meet Captains Christian & Matt from Destin, Florida!


Captains Matt & Christian

Captains Christian and Matt are a team that runs fishing trips in the beautiful waters of Destin, Florida. They have everything from six hour nearshore trips to enjoy your morning doing some bottom fishing near the reefs, to multi-day offshore adventures that take you to the “Land of the Giant Fish”, and everything in between.

Captain Matt has been fishing since he was just fifteen years old. It was something that he quickly became passionate about. One day he caught an amberjack while fishing with his grandfather, and knew instantly that he would be fishing for the rest of his life. Captain Christian also started fishing early on. At only nineteen she realized her passion for the sport by fishing in tournaments.

What Makes Fishing in Destin Unique?

Both captains strongly agree that Destin is truly one of the best places in the world to fish. With direct access to the Gulf of Mexico, there’s always an abundance of different types of pelagic fish to be caught, especially bottom fishing. No matter what, there’s a surprise in every trip, and always something to be found in season.

What Can You Expect on a Trip with Captains Matt & Christian?

Customer service is their number one priority, and they do it right. Captain Christian’s biggest goals are to make sure everyone on board “leaves with a smile, had a good time, and caught plenty of fish.” As cheesy as it sounds, it’s guaranteed to be a good time.


Their 42' Buddy Davis

All of their trips are done on their 42’ Buddy Davis yacht boat that has all the amenities you could want. Of course, bait, tackle, and licenses are included, but it also has a fully loaded cabin with air conditioning, heat, wrap-around couch, state room, and a bedroom. As long as you bring some snacks and drinks, they’ll cover the rest. Captain Christian describes it as a “luxury cruise and a fishing trip all in one.” Don’t let the fact that it’s a big boat fool you, it can MOVE, getting up to 22 knots plus.

What Puts Them Ahead of Other Charters?

In one word, it’s experience. With over 60 years of combined fishing experience between these two captains, they know the Destin waters like the back of their hand. Their experience also allows them to provide a level of customer service that can’t be beat. Captain Christian also shouted out their deckhand, who is “super knowledgeable.”

What’s Their Favorite Customer Moment?

Captain Christian said it was an easy answer. Any time someone onboard has their first fight with a fish, especially if they’re able to get it on deck, you can feel the energy. That “pure happiness” moment that’s reeling in a big ole marlin, wahoo, dolphin, or whatever it may be, is something she gets to do every day.


Speaking of marlin, that’s their favorite type of trip. Captain Chistian and Captain Matt are both big billfish hunters. The fight of such a beautiful fish is incredible, watching all the colors light up in the water definitely gets the crowd going. Being able to land one is Captain Christian’s “favorite feeling in the world” and being able to share that with others is the fun part of being a captain.

Learn More About The Captains!

What is their dream fishing trip?

“Other than Destin of course, definitely Belize or Australia to chase after some Black Marlin. The Dominican Republic or Galapagos Islands are a close second.”

What is their favorite movie?

“The original Jaws.”

What is their favorite holiday?

“Christmas, for sure!”

What is their favorite restaurant?

“Tradewinds for the shrimp aioli. It’s an excellent Italian restaurant. Otherwise the Boathouse Oysterbar is a close second, since they cook your catch!”