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Whether you have an upcoming work retreat, you belong to an organization, or you just have a lot of friends and family, someday you might have the pleasure of planning a fishing trip for a large group of people. When it comes to fishing, a small group of fishermen might be able to fit on one or two boats. Once your group needs three or more boats, that classifies as a much larger group of people than you see on an average fishing excursion. What special steps do you need to take when you are planning a fishing trip for a large group?

Fishing With a Big Group

There are several things that you need to know to have a successful group fishing trip. First, it is important to keep in mind that not everyone in the group will have the same level of fishing experience. Next, you can’t expect everyone to have the proper fishing gear and tackle. Finally, your expectations should be to plan more than just the fishing aspects of the trip. Make the most of the entire trip by planning on having good times with your group both on and off the water.

How to Plan Your Group Fishing Trip

For a group trip such as work colleagues, a civic organization, or a similar crowd, it is likely that people are going on the trip both for the camaraderie and the chance to spend a day trying to catch some fish. Some people may be serious fishermen, and others may be serious about spending a few days away from their everyday work responsibilities and house chores. Therefore, you should focus your efforts on two things: (1) having a good time; and, (2) helping everyone catch a few fish.

When to Go Fishing

When it comes to being outdoors, weather can be a big factor. Everyone has a different comfort level. To increase your chances of keeping all members of your group happy, don’t plan your group fishing trip during the coldest, wettest, or windiest part of the year. Sure, the big fish might be biting in the winter, but some members of the group will just be going along for an enjoyable boat ride. Late spring, early summer, and fall are probably better choices than the dog days of summer or the cold days of winter.

Where to Go Fishing

The location for your group fishing trip will depend on where your group is based. For most outings, it is good to get away from your everyday surroundings. Most people in your group probably travel within a couple of hours for a weekend trip, and you will likely maximize the number of people willing to attend your trip if you keep the location in that regular weekend drive distance.

Biloxi Snapper Fishing With Captain Chance

The type of fishing that you can do is also a factor. Bay fishing, deep sea fishing, freshwater fishing – it really doesn’t matter that much. Having the chance of catching a trophy-sized fish is important to some people, so unless you are fishing with a bunch of kids you might want to avoid species such as perch, crappie, and white bass for your group event. Largemouth bass, redfish, speckled trout, tuna, walleye, striped bass, or any number of other fish will make a better target species for your group fishing excursion.

Picking Your Fishing Group

How many people should you take on a group fishing trip? There is no wrong number of people to take on your next group outdoor adventure. Groups of 10 to 20 people are probably the most manageable size from a planning perspective. This size group would allow you to hire three to five professional fishing guides to take your group out on the water for the day. Destinations such as Port Aransas, Galveston, and South Padre Island will have more than enough guides available to accommodate large groups. Captain Experiences has multiple guides available in major fishing destinations across the country.

For most groups, it is normal for one-third to one-half of the individuals you invite to be unavailable for the days of the trip. That is to be expected, and it would be nearly impossible to try to coordinate schedules with 20 people to pick the best dates. You can just make sure that the leaders of your group are available for the dates of the trip, and let others join on a first come, first serve basis.

Fishing is an enjoyable outing for all types of groups. Work colleagues, non-profit board members, church groups, extended family, and friends are examples of groups that may love to get out on the water and spend some time together away from everyday events.

Arranging Fishing Guides, Lodging and Food

What type of fishing will you be doing? For a group trip, you can count on many people fishing just one day. Some of the hardcore anglers may want to fish two or more days, but this will likely be less than half the group.

Is a half-day or a full-day of fishing better for your group? You should plan your time on the water based on how gung-ho your group is about fishing. At Captain Experiences, we cater to fishermen of all skill levels. Let us know what type of group trip you are planning, and we will be more than happy to help you find professional guides that will meet your needs.

Lodging is another important consideration for your group fishing trip. With the wide variety of rental properties available, it is now easier than ever to find one or two properties that can accommodate a group of any size. Having a large central meeting area where the group can share stories of their day on the water will help make lasting memories. For some destinations, several rooms in the same hotel may be the better option.

Finally, don’t forget about the food. Depending on the type of fishing and the number of boats you need for your group, it is possible that your group will be going in different directions for most of the day. Coming back together to share a meal is an excellent time to make sure everyone in the group gets to spend a little time together.

Maximize the Fun on Your Group Fishing Trip

After you have the basics planned, you can add a little excitement to the trip. A few suggestions for hyping up the trip include:

Organizing your own fishing tournament,

Providing t-shirts or hats for the event,

Sending out communications that build excitement, and

Sharing photos after your fishing trip.

Planning a group fishing trip takes a little bit of work, but the joy of those days sharing an outdoor adventure with friends, family, and colleagues can last for years. At Captain Experiences, we can help you maximize your chances for a successful group fishing trip with a wide selection of professional fishing guides to accommodate the needs of groups of all sizes.