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With the holidays upon us, everyone is looking forward to a few well-deserved days off. For some lucky people, the winter holidays might mean a week or more of time away from work to spend your days relaxing and enjoying time with friends and family. What better way is there to relax and enjoy your time away from work than to go fishing!

Hannah Holding A Redfish In Rockport Texas

With at least as many mild winter days as there are cold days, the Texas Coast offers anglers the perfect location to get away for a little break this winter. Under certain warmer weather conditions, the fish will move into the shallow flats even in winter. In a few locations, you can get lucky and see groups of seagulls still chasing bait being pushed to the surface by hungry predator fish. When the temperature does drop into the 40s or below, the fish will stack up in deep holes. The knowledgeable fishing guides at Captain Experiences will know just where to take you fishing over the winter holidays no matter what the weather conditions happen to be.

From Port Arthur to Port Isabel, and all the many great fishing destinations in between, there is no wrong location to try your luck at winter fishing along the Texas Coast. Redfish, specks, black drum, and more species of fish are caught year-round, and winter is well known as the best season for catching trophy speckled trout. The big fish are biting this time of year, and the holidays offer many people a few extra days to get outdoors and enjoy some time on the water.

Winter Break Fishing along the Texas Coast

Winter fishing along the Texas coast offers not only some of the best opportunities for catching a trophy-sized speckled trout along but also many other species including reds, flounder, and black drum. Some fish migrate towards the Gulf of Mexico during the fall, so the overall number of fish in the Texas bay systems does drop in the winter. However, thousands of fish remain in the Texas bays throughout the coldest times of the year. The holidays are a perfect time to get away from the crowds and catch some quality fish along the Texas Coast.

Advantages of Winter Fishing

There are several advantages to fishing the Texas Coast during the winter. It’s the best time of year to catch the speckled trout of a lifetime. The weather cooperates most days. Also, fishing pressure is reduced compared to any other major holidays. You will only see a small fraction of the number of boats on the water over winter break than you would for a summer holiday weekend.

Winter holidays typically have lower crowds at hotels, motels, and rentals. It should be easy and affordable to find a place to stay unless you are planning to bring an RV. Winter Texans know how good the weather is along the Texas Coast, and these seasonal visitors from northern states keep the RV parks and several long-term rentals full. The beach going crowd is not around during the winter, so the majority of accommodations, restaurants, and other hospitality businesses are excited to welcome fishermen during the holidays.

Attison With Redhead Ducks On The Texas Coast

Winter Break Cast and Blast

Winter Break is also the perfect opportunity to take advantage of a Cast and Blast. This is a trip consisting of half a day of fishing combined with a morning or afternoon duck hunt. There is nothing quite like catching your limit of fish and shooting a limit of ducks all the same day. That is how memories of a lifetime are made.

Best Places to Fish Over Winter Break

The Texas Coast is divided into three main regions. The Upper Coast, the Middle Coast, and the Lower Coast. Popular fishing destinations along the Upper Texas Coast include Galveston and Port Arthur. The Middle Texas Coast has many fishing destinations including Port O’Connor, Rockport, and Port Aransas. The main areas of departure to fish the Lower Texas Coast include Corpus Christi, Riviera (Baffin Bay), Port Mansfield, Port Isabel, and South Padre Island.

Winter Redfish With Captain Ernest In Galveston

Everywhere along the Texas Coast is a suitable destination for winter break fishing. The further south you go towards the Lower Texas Coast, the more likely the fish will be in shallower water. Deeper holes or muddy areas keep the water a little warmer, and these are key areas to target along the Upper and Middle Texas Coasts. Ducks are also plentiful throughout the Texas Coast, so there are plenty of opportunities to experience a Cast and Blast wherever you choose to go.

Any Season is Good Season for Fishing

It is hard to say which time of year is the best time of year for fishing along the Texas Coast. Every season has its own advantages, and the great thing is that popular gamefish such as redfish and speckled trout can be caught all year long. For deep sea anglers, winter is also the best time to catch red snapper within nearby Texas state waters. Both inshore and offshore fishing offer opportunities for fishermen looking to get away for a few days over winter break.

Winter break is the longest stretch of time off from work that many of us experience during the year. If you want to make your holidays more memorable, fishing along the Texas Coast is the place to be. Captain Experiences and our professional fishing guides want you to have a very happy holiday season, and we are ready to help make that happen with a wonderful fishing trip along the Texas Coast.