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Texas Spring Fishing

Spring is one of the most popular and exciting times to go fishing in Texas waters. Warming coastal waters bring in huge trout while the bite in the lakes is firing on all cylinders. With calm water conditions and warmer weather, spring is one of the most popular times to go fishing.

Trout Spring Fishing


The lakes and rivers in Texas offer fishing opportunities throughout the year with different species having their peak bite at different times. In the spring largemouth bass and crappie are the best targets as they move from their deeper wintering grounds up to more shallow waters ahead of their spawn. In the summer months when water temperatures are maxing out, stripers are feeding in open water on the lakes. When the dams are releasing cool water, fishing downriver can also produce giant striped bass.


There is always a bit of mystery when you are fishing the Texas Coast but in the spring, the speckled trout dominate the inshore waters. The specks are getting ready to spawn and trying to feed as much as possible so get ready for an action packed trip. As spring fades into summer, the bite in the shallow turns from trout to redfish. These are two of the most popular fish on the Texas Coast and with aggressive strikes and a variety of ways to target them, it’s easy to see why.


Spring in Texas is the peak season for catching monster amberjack around any of the nearshore reefs or rigs. These fish are put up a fierce fight and are a great challenge for any angler. Cobia and snapper feed heavily around nearshore structure in the spring. Cobia are curious fish that commonly seek out anything that catches their eye just to get a better look. Casting lures or live bait is a sure bet for spring cobia. Snapper bite year round in Texas but spring is ideal for nearshore structure because the water is still cool.


Deep sea fishing Texas offers plenty of fish species to target especially in the spring. Yellowfin tuna are at their peak bite in the spring off the Texas Coast. To find yellowfin head out to the offshore oil platforms or “floaters” and troll or cast for a bite. Night fishing is also popular with tuna, wahoo, kingfish, and other pelagic species using the rigs to hunt. These fish feed on the dense bait balls that form beneath the lights of the offshore oil platforms which makes the fish fast paced and packed full of action.

Spring Fishing in Texas

Spring in Texas is one of the best times to go fishing with peak bites from a variety of popular species. Speckled trout and redfish are popular but the black drum bite is in full swing will their spawn just around the corner. Nearshore waters are dominated by amberjack and cobia that will test your skills and also taste great. The biggest spring target species is yellowfin tuna which can be caught day or night offshore around the floaters. If you want to book a trip to target any of the fish that are crushing bait in the spring, check out our guides here to get in on the action.