The Big Ol Mess: Corpus Christi, Galveston & More!

5) Galveston Fishing Reports

"Galveston is consistently producing good boxes of fish.. croakers and live shrimp continue to be top producers. We have been fishing from the boat good success. Wade fishing with artificial lures has had poor results, for me and my crew. August looks to be shaping up to be the best month of the year, lighter winds will make for easier fishing. As a member of the Harbor walk community me and my crewed have access to a very nice pool upon our return from fishing. This combined with my new boat equipped with a T-top make for a much more enjoyable day"-Captain Harry

galveston fishing trip15

"We had a few trips offshore in the 55-60 mile range with a few families experiencing their first trips offshore. We managed to teach their children how to bait their hooks, how to cast, and how to set their hooks. We stood next to them coaching them, and assisting when needed. We watched them reel in their fish, and watched their smiles light up the boat."-Captain Sergio

galveston fishing trip60

Captain Chad's always making an effort to help the little guys get out on the water. No matter if it's your first time on the water or you're a seasoned professional, Captain Chad is always around to help you catch some Speckled Trout and Redfish!

galveston fishing trip1

No need to fear, Redfish and Speckled Trout are here! Always a blast out on the water with Captain Chris.

galveston fishing trip8

Wahoo have been biting hard this past week off the coast of Galveston, TX. Book a trip with Captain Cody to catch one yourself.

galveston fishing trip12

Blacktip Shark are growing more prominent with every week. If you've never reeled in one of these voracious beasts, come on down to Galveston and hop aboard with Captain Cole!

galveston fishing trip14

Pictures from Captain Lee's Galveston fishing trips.

galveston fishing trip21

Pictures from Captain Mike's Galveston fishing trips.

galveston fishing trip23

Pictures from Captain Mike's Galveston fishing trips.

galveston fishing trip24