Everything You Need to Know About San Francisco, California Fishing

San Francisco's roots on the waters are strong - it started because of its proximity to the ocean and its natural harbor that is obvious if you look at a map. These aquatic roots are still present today given the cities love for seafood and its abundance of fishing options. Whether you want to fish close to shore for striped bass or offshore for much more, you can find it here.

What can I expect to catch in San Francisco?

San Fran is known for a few things, and they are all fun to catch. The striper fishing is always great for all skill levels, but the fishing can be especially good in the summer and fall when they are spawning.

Aside from the popular striper, chinook salmon is a fan favorite here. Most frequently caught on the troll, the "king" of all salmon is fun to catch and delicious to eat.

Anglers can also go bottom fishing for halibut, or also catch lingcod and rockfish. And for anglers who want a true prize - there are sturgeon in these waters.

San Francisco Tides and Weather

View San Francisco tide times and charts here and San Francisco weather forecasts here.

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