Everything You Need to Know About Chesapeake Bay, Maryland Fishing

Overview of Chesapeake Bay

The Chesapeake Bay is a unique fishery that has a diversity of species and environments found nowhere else. People often separate the Bay into the Upper, Middle, and Lower Chesapeake Bay areas but you can divide this even further if you include the rivers and tributaries that feed into it. The Chesapeake Bay is a paradise for anglers with more spots to catch fish than you could ever explore.

Fishing in Chesapeake Bay

Hit the Bay in early summer for black drum, perch, and spot fishing while late Summer into Fall is ideal for cobia, redfish, and even Spanish mackerel. If you love catching monster bull redfish or cobia Chesapeake bay needs to be on your bucket list. The shad run on the Virginia side can be particularly fun in the spring as well. The Chesapeake Bay is a gorgeous and inspiring place to visit that happens to have incredible fishing opportunities.

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Places to Stay in Chesapeake Bay, Maryland