Everything You Need to Know About Cancún, Mexico Fishing

How is the fishing in Cancún?

Looking for a real taste of what makes the Yucatan so unique? Situated right at the tip of the peninsula and across the way from the Western edge of Cuba, Cancún is a prime spot to capture all of the fish heading into and out of the Gulf of Mexico.

Cancún Offshore Fishing

The blue water near Cancún is enough to make your friends jealous, but the deep-sea action you'll have is what will make them mad. You can start fishing within feet of the marina and productive waters are only a few miles from shore. Whether you want to go trolling for giant pelagic species or deep drop for huge snapper, Cancun can make it happen.

Cancun Offshore Trolling

Offshore trolling from Cancun provides you with the opportunity to catch marlin, sailfish, wahoo, mahi-mahi, and many more. These fish can grow into monsters weighing hundreds of pounds. Trolling usually consists of 5 or more rods with lures and or live bait dragged through the water behind the boat.

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Places to Stay in Cancún, Mexico