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Everything to Know About Booking a Fishing Charter in Loreto

What are the best fishing charters in Loreto?

The best fishing charters in Loreto are:

Why should I book a fishing charter in Loreto with Captain Experiences?

Our Damn Good Guides currently offer 1 trip in Loreto: Full Day Fishing Trip guided by Louis.

Our guides in Loreto are rated a 5 out of 5 based on 3187 verified reviews on Captain Experiences.

All guides on Captain Experiences are licensed, insured, and vetted by our team. You can access their reviews, click through trip photos, read bios to get to know them, and preview trip details like species, techniques, group sizes, boat specs and more.

Looking for kid friendly charters / fishing lessons in Loreto? Check out our beginner and family friendly charters in Loreto.

What types of fishing charters are common in Loreto?

Deep Sea fishing is the most popular in Loreto as well as nearshore fishing.

The most commonly sought after species in Loreto are: 1. blue marlin, 2. bonito, 3. mahi mahi, and 4. roosterfish.

The most common fishing techniques in Loreto are bottom fishing, heavy tackle fishing, and jigging but light tackle fishing and trolling are popular as well.

How much do Loreto fishing charters cost?

in Loreto prices can range anywhere from about $270 to $270, but the average price for a full day trip in Loreto is $270.

Is booking a fishing guide worth the money?

Hiring a guide provides a number of benefits and many choose to book a fishing guide for a combination of experience, local knowledge, convenience, and cost-effectiveness.

Working with experienced fishing guides who know the best local spots and techniques can dramatically increase your odds of a great day. Having someone who is on the water every day and knows the area like the back of their hand is going to give you the best chances of success.

Booking a guide is also more cost effective, especially if you only get out a handful of times per year. When you consider all of the costs you would incur on your own such as the price of a boat, maintenance, insurance, gas, high-quality gear and tackle, repairs, and more, you’ll find that DIY is sometimes not worth the expense.

Even if you’ve got a great setup already in your home waters, booking a guide also provides a great opportunity to experience new techniques, new locations, or even a chance at a new target species to knock off the bucket list.

What month is best for fishing in Loreto?

The most popular season for fishing in Loreto is spring, and most anglers book their trips 12 days in advance.

Do I need a Loreto fishing license and what are the bag limits in Loreto?

See here for more information on fishing licenses in Loreto, bag limits for target species, and fishing season regulations in Loreto. When in doubt, your fishing guide will always know the right rules and regulations in Loreto.

Loreto Nearshore/Inshore Fishing

Loreto is an absolute hotspot on the interior of Baja California Sur. If you want to fish the Gulf of California, this is the spot every sportfishing angler dreams about. Surrounded by a beautiful blue ocean and gorgeous shoreline, it's hard to think of a better place to take a fishing trip.

Year-round your bread and butter here will be snapper and seabass. Although they may not be the most impressive fish to look at, they are very delicious and put up a great fight. This means you will always have some nice fish for the dinner table no matter what. Depending on the time of year, you are also likely to run into yellowtail, roosterfish, and groupers. Roosterfish are a prize on their own and are on almost every angler's bucket list. They get their name from the long spines that extend off their dorsal fin and have the appearance of a roosters crown.

Loreto Offshore fishing

The summer months are when the offshore giant sportfish bite really heats up, and anglers can land mahi-mahi, marlin, sailfish, and yellowfin tuna. Yellowfin tuna may be the best-tasting fish in the sea and with an abundance of them in Loreto you will be in for a treat. Marlin and sailfish can grow over 700 fairly easily and if you are lucky enough to hook up to one, you will be battling for hours. Mahi-mahi is often called the chicken of the sea and that because this unique-looking fish is both abundant and tasty!

Does Loreto have good fishing?

Loreto, Mexico, nestled on the eastern coast of the Baja California Peninsula along the Sea of Cortez, offers anglers an exceptional fishing experience in a stunning natural setting. Known as the "Aquarium of the World" for its rich marine biodiversity, Loreto boasts some of the best sport fishing opportunities in Mexico. Anglers visiting Loreto can target a wide range of game fish, including dorado (mahi-mahi), yellowtail, snapper, grouper, marlin, sailfish, and tuna. The nutrient-rich waters of the Sea of Cortez provide abundant feeding grounds for these species, ensuring thrilling fishing adventures year-round.

Fishing conditions in Loreto are favorable throughout much of the year, with different species being more active depending on the season. Winter and early spring are excellent times for targeting yellowtail and snapper, which thrive in the cooler waters and around underwater structures. Anglers often employ techniques such as trolling, casting with live bait, or jigging to attract these prized fish. Summer months bring opportunities to catch dorado and tuna, which are plentiful offshore and near reefs. Local fishing charters and guides in Loreto offer specialized knowledge and equipment to maximize anglers' chances of success, providing memorable experiences on the water.

Beyond its exceptional fishing opportunities, Loreto offers anglers a relaxed and inviting atmosphere with a range of amenities and activities to enjoy. The town's historic charm, vibrant waterfront, and proximity to natural wonders like the Sierra de la Giganta mountains and Islands of Loreto Marine Park enhance the overall fishing experience. Anglers can also explore other outdoor activities such as kayaking, snorkeling, and whale watching to immerse themselves in Loreto's natural beauty and diverse ecosystems. Whether fishing in the sparkling waters of the Sea of Cortez or discovering the town's cultural heritage, Loreto remains a premier destination for anglers seeking both adventure and relaxation in Baja California.

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    Captain Francisco was ON FIRE 🔥 He brought such a positive energy to our trip. We got zero fish on another boat our first day out, and Francisco guaranteed us fish. We saw dolphins and whales. Not a moment was wasted. He knew where to find the catch of the season. He connected us with a wonderful local man who cleaned, filleted, packed, and froze our fish for the trip home. I trust him. Very professional and took care of our transport in the morning and the fishing license.

    Casey K. with Louis P. of Loreto, Baja California Sur

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