Everything You Need to Know About Lake Whitney, Texas Fishing

Fishing Lake Whitney

Lake Whitney is one of the most beautiful lakes in Texas, and you will have easy access to top-notch fishing for several species. It may be smaller than other lakes in the state with only 23,500 acres of surface area but the brush piles, bluffs, and rock points make the lake a special palace to catch fish.

White and Striped Bass Fishing Lake Whitney

The striped bass and white bass fishing is solid, and you can find them in the coolest water they can find. Creek and river inlets or deep channels are a great place to start when looking for these fish. Targeting these fish is fairly easy with traditional tackle and using live bait or artificial lures is popular. Striped bass are especially strong fighters and grow considerably larger than white bass but both are great options for dinner.

Lake Whitney Largemouth Bass Fishing

Largemouth bass have plenty of cover to hide and hunt in Lake Whitney.

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Places to Stay in Lake Whitney, Texas