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Many professional bass fishing circuits visit Texas yearly, and for good reason. The familiar Texan saying, “everything is bigger in Texas,” is undeniable concerning bass fishing. However, not every lake in Texas is worth spending time fishing. We’ve rounded up several of the best bass fishing locations in Texas that consistently produce for anglers of all skill levels.

Bass Fishing With Carson

Best Bass Fishing in Texas

The following list is by no means definitive; whether you live in Texas or are just visiting, you’re likely not far from a fishery many anglers only dream of visiting.

Falcon Lake

On the Mexico/Texas border, you will find a dammed section of the Rio Grande called Falcon International Reservoir. This lake is on most anglers' bucket lists because of the high number of big bass caught here.

However, Falcon can be finicky. It’s never a guarantee that you’ll land a giant, but you should expect to consistently catch 5lb or bigger bass once you’ve figured them out. If you don’t have the time to figure out the bass, I highly recommend hiring a local bass fishing expert to guide you around the lake for some of the best bass fishing of your life.

Sam Rayburn Reservoir

The largest reservoir entirely in Texas, Sam Rayburn offers bass anglers the chance to land a black bass of a lifetime. Because of the many parks and campgrounds, you have a bank fishing opportunity provided by only a few other trophy lakes. However, your best bet will be to use a boat.

It’s a popular destination, so you won’t have fish jumping into the boat because they’re pressured. However, there’s a reason so many professional circuits visit this lake each year; there is plenty of monster bass to be caught.

Lake Fork

Lake Fork is probably the most well-known Texas lake. You’ll find that most of the biggest bass in Texas come from this lake, but that’s partly due to its popularity. If more people fish it, then more fish will typically be caught.

Landing a true giant is never out of the question at Lake Fork. Unless you’re a local, chances are you don’t know where the Biggun’s hang out; lucky for you; we know a secret weapon for catching trophy bass on Lake Fork, our vetted Lake Fork Guide.

Toledo Bend Reservoir

Toledo Bend is another east Texas lake to make the list of best bass fishing lakes in Texas. It sits on the Texas/Louisiana border east of Sam Rayburn Reservoir. The Sabine National Forest is the western border of the lake, offering many opportunities for bank anglers to find a spot to fish on this large lake.

Most anglers target black bass at Toledo Bend because so many high-quality bass are caught here yearly. Whether you hire a local guide or adventure to the water on your own, you will have a chance to catch the bass of your lifetime.

Lake Conroe

Lake Conroe, known for its quantity of bass instead of big bass, is just north of Houston, Texas. So if you’re more concerned with catching fish, this is the lake to visit. Remember, we’re still talking about a Texas lake, so size is relative.

You might not have much chance to catch the Texas state record, but there are still plenty of opportunities to catch your personal best, along with many other bass. If you get tired of catching bass, Lake Conroe guides offer multi-species options, or you can try your luck by venturing out by yourself at one of the many public access areas.

Texas Bass Fishing Regulations

Before you venture out, you should always read the latest Texas Fishing Regulations. Doing so will ensure you don’t get an unnecessary ticket that ruins a good day of fishing.

It’s also essential to research the fishing regulations for the location you’re fishing. Some areas have unique rules and regulations that differ from the state’s general laws to help keep their fish populations healthy.

Texas Bass Records

Texas is home to many species and hybrids of bass. Below you’ll find a table of the Texas state records as of this writing.

The weight, length, date, and where it was caught are also listed in the table.

Bass Fishing Records