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It doesn't take a professional angler to look at a map of Cape Cod and know that the fishing is great. The picturesque peninsula extends over 60 miles into the Atlantic Ocean and covers over 400 miles of shoreline. Scattered throughout the Cape are inshore bays and harbors that have seen their fair share of fights over the years. Nearshore, striped bass and bluefish are seemingly always on the run, while bluefin tuna dominate the offshore fishing grounds.

Cape Cod Striper Charters

Cape Cod Inshore Fishing Charters

There's always something biting in Cape Cod, even in the cold of winter. When winds and seas permit, cod and haddock can be caught off the North Cape and the bay if you can stand the cold. There's nothing more satisfying than battling the winter and bringing home some fresh fish to fry up.

Bundle up, and get out there!

In the warmer months, striped bass and bluefish run these waters. Striped bass invade the bays and nearshore water around Cape Cod, making for excellent fishing for all anglers. Hooking into a solid Striper on a fly rig is an experience you won't forget. Bonito and false albacore bring the tuna experience closer but hooking into one of these little torpedos on a fly or conventional tackle is addicting.

Cape Cod Deep Sea Fishing

The bite carries from the bays all the way out to deep bluewater where you can bottom bounce for some of the best fish to eat in the sea like black sea bass, haddock, and cod in nearshore dropoffs. The bluefin and yellowfin tuna definitely take the cake for most delicious so head to deepwater dropoffs for a shot one of these giants.

Cape Cod Tuna Trips

The bluefin tuna stock around Cape Cod has suffered from overfishing in the past half-century, but monsters still frequent these waters. Anglers still catch big Bluefin entering the bay around the North Cape. All you need is a Damn Good Guide, and a bit of luck.

Things to do in Cape Cod

Take away the awesome fishing in Cape Cod, and you're still left with an incredible vacation destination. With natural dunes and over 40 miles of beaches, Cape Cod feels quaint, but has all the luxuries of a resort town. With dozens of historical sites, museums, and art galleries, there's enough to keep the whole family entertained. Head up to Provincetown to see New England living at its essence. There's no shortage of storied restaurants and bars around the Cape to quench your thirst and fill your belly.

Cape Cod Inshore Waters

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Cape Cod Tides and Weather

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