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Gulf Shores, Alabama, is a paradise for anglers. With its diverse marine ecosystems and warm Gulf waters, this coastal city offers fantastic fishing opportunities year-round. Whether you're a seasoned angler or just looking for a relaxing day by the water, Gulf Shores has something for everyone. In this post, we'll introduce you to 13 popular fish species you can catch in Gulf Shores, along with the best times of the year to catch them and where you can typically find them.

Red Snapper Fish Caught

1. Red Snapper

One of the most sought-after catches in Gulf Shores, the Red Snapper, thrives in the warm Gulf waters. The best time to target them is during the summer months, from June to August. Anglers typically find these prized fish near artificial reefs and wrecks located in the Gulf of Mexico.

2. Speckled Trout (Spotted Seatrout)

Speckled Trout, also known as Spotted Seatrout, is a favorite among anglers in Gulf Shores. The prime times to go after them are in the spring and fall. These trout are often found in inshore waters, patrolling the grass flats and lurking beneath piers.

3. Flounder

Flounder is another delightful catch in Gulf Shores, with the best fishing occurring in spring and fall. To spot these flatfish, venture to nearshore waters, especially around sandy bottoms and tidal creeks.

4. King Mackerel

King Mackerel is a prized game fish, and the best time to target them is from late spring to early fall. Anglers often find them close to the shoreline, particularly near structures like oil rigs.

5. Spanish Mackerel

Spanish Mackerel, known for their speed and acrobatics, are abundant in Gulf Shores from spring to early fall. They can be spotted in nearshore waters, where they chase baitfish near the surface.

6. Sheepshead

Sheepshead are a winter and spring delight for anglers in Gulf Shores. These fish are often found around bridges, piers, and other underwater structures.

7. Cobia

Cobia are a thrilling catch during the spring and summer seasons. They tend to roam nearshore waters, often around buoys, wrecks, and oil rigs.

8. Pompano

Pompano fishing is at its peak in spring and fall. These fish are commonly found in sandy beach areas and surf zones.

9. Black Drum

Black Drum can be pursued year-round in Gulf Shores. Anglers often target them in coastal waters, particularly around oyster beds and in tidal creeks.

10. Tripletail

Tripletail is an exciting catch from late spring to early fall. These fish can be spotted near floating debris, crab trap buoys, and close to nearshore structures.

11. Amberjack

Amberjack fishing is most productive during the spring and summer months. These powerful fish are often found around deepwater structures and artificial reefs in the Gulf.

12. Redfish (Red Drum)

Redfish, also known as Red Drum, are commonly sought after in the fall. They can be found in marshes, estuaries, and around oyster beds.

13. Grouper

Grouper fishing is available year-round in Gulf Shores. Anglers typically target them in deepwater reefs and ledges in the Gulf.

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