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Nearshore Fishing Vs. Offshore Fishing

Trying to decide between a nearshore trip or an offshore trip can be difficult because they can be very similar but also very different. Both of these trips give you the chance to fight giant fish and spend the day on the water. To help you figure out which trip is right for you, let's dive in and look at how they compare.

Nearshore and Offshore Fishing

Deep Sea Fishing

Offshore fishing is a popular category of fishing that happens miles from shore while chasing the biggest sportfish in the world. This category of saltwater fishing takes place in deep water (hence why it’s often called deep sea fishing) and provides anglers with unmatched action. Typically, boats have to travel miles away from shore to reach the deep water where giant fish roam.

Offshore Fishing

In some locations, however, like Hawaii or Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, the water drops off immediately, making for a good option for those looking for a deep sea experience who may not have time for a full day on the water. If you want to know how far from shore these boats travel to reach deep water.

Within the category of offshore fishing, there are various subcategories, including different fishing styles and target species. The most common types of offshore fishing trips are trolling, drifting, and bottom fishing.

Nearshore Fishing

Nearshore Fishing is a great balance between huge fish and less travel. These trips tend to have calm seas and hard fighting fish which is perfect for anglers of all levels. Here’s what you need to know about nearshore fishing so you can decide if it’s right for you.

Nearshore Fishing

Nearshore fishing takes place in the waters past the jetties, beaches, and bays out to the offshore drop off. This type of fishing borrows a lot of techniques from offshore fishing because many of the fish species and environments overlap. The most common fishing styles for nearshore trips are trolling, bottom fishing, and casting, which is the most active of the three.

What is Better: Nearshore Fishing or Offshore Fishing?

Both nearshore and offshore trips offer tons of action that is sure to a smile on the face of any angler, but which one is better for you will depend on several factors. If you’re short on time a nearshore trip will be your best option because of the shorter travel times. Catching a massive fish is an incredible experience and if only the biggest fish will do, then heading offshore is the better choice. While nearshore trips can produce fish over 100 pounds, offshore trips give you a shot at the biggest fish which can reach over 1,000 pounds.

Cost is a big factor for most people and heading miles offshore requires bigger boats, more gas, and stronger tackle which all raise the cost of the trip. Nearshore trips can be done with smaller boats, less gas, and lighter tackle which makes them less expensive but also a great value. If you’re targeting a specific fish or chasing a record then one of these trips will be better suited for that purpose than the other, but if you just want to hit the water then either of them will be a great experience.

Fishing Charters

There’s a wide variety of nearshore and offshore trips that target everything from snapper and cobia near the bottom to marlin and roosterfish on the surface. No matter which type of fishing you pick, we offer a ton of options for both. Check out our fishing charters and find your next trip so you can get in on the action.