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Panama City Beach, nestled along the beautiful Gulf Coast of Florida, is a paradise for anglers seeking a diverse range of fish species. Whether you're an experienced angler or a beginner, the coastal waters of Panama City Beach offer ample opportunities to reel in some remarkable catches. In this blog, we'll explore the most popular fish species to catch in Panama City Beach, highlighting their characteristics, habitats, and the best techniques to target them.

panama city beach pompano

Redfish in PCB

Redfish, also known as Red Drum, are prized game fish and a popular target for anglers in Panama City Beach. They are characterized by their copper-colored bodies with a distinctive black spot near the base of their tail. Redfish can be found near oyster beds, grass flats, and around structure. Techniques such as live bait fishing with shrimp or pinfish, as well as casting artificial lures like soft plastics or spoons, can be effective in enticing these hard-fighting fish.

Speckled Trout in PCB

Speckled Trout are highly sought-after for their delicious taste and challenging nature. These fish have dark spots scattered across their back and sides, hence the name "speckled." Speckled Trout can be targeted near grass flats, drop-offs, oyster beds, and channels. Anglers often use light tackle spinning rods with live shrimp, finger mullet, or artificial lures such as soft plastics or topwater plugs to entice strikes from these elusive fish.

Flounder in PCB

Flounder are unique flatfish known for their distinctive body shape and excellent table fare. They have both eyes on one side of their head and blend seamlessly with the sandy bottoms they inhabit. Flounder can be found near sandy bottoms, channels, and areas with structure. Targeting them with live bait such as shrimp or mud minnows on a bottom rig or using artificial lures like soft plastics can yield success.

Sheepshead in PCB

Sheepshead are easily recognizable by their vertical black stripes and a set of strong, crushing teeth. They are commonly found near bridges, jetties, and pilings. Sheepshead are primarily targeted during the cooler months and can be enticed with fiddler crabs, shrimp, or small pieces of oyster on a hook. Their cautious feeding habits and strong fight make them an exciting challenge for anglers.

Spanish Mackerel in PCB

Spanish Mackerel are popular pelagic species that can be found nearshore and offshore in the waters of Panama City Beach. These fast and aggressive fish have a sleek, torpedo-shaped body and are known for their sharp teeth. Spanish Mackerel can be targeted using trolling techniques with flashy spoons or by casting small jigs or silver-colored lures. Look for birds diving or schools of baitfish to locate these feeding frenzies.

King Mackerel in PCB

King Mackerel, or Kingfish, are powerful game fish that provide thrilling fights and are highly prized for their delicious meat. They are often encountered near offshore structures, reefs, and ledges. Trolling with live bait or artificial lures, such as diving plugs or spoons, is a popular method to target these fast-swimming predators.

Pompano in PCB

Pompano are prized for their delectable flesh and are known for their remarkable speed and acrobatic jumps. They can be found in the surf, nearshore, and in the bays. Pompano are often targeted using specialized pompano rigs baited with shrimp, sand fleas, or artificial baits such as jigs tipped with soft plastic or fish bites.

Cobia in PCB

Cobia are highly prized for their hard fights and impressive size. These powerful fish can be found nearshore, around buoys, wrecks, and other structures. Cobia are often targeted using live bait, such as eels, pinfish, or threadfin herring, and sight fishing techniques. They are known to follow large rays or sharks, so keep an eye out for these indicators when searching for cobia.

Panama City Beach is a haven for anglers, offering a wide variety of popular fish species to catch. From the hard-fighting Redfish and Speckled Trout to the delicious Flounder and Sheepshead, these inshore species provide thrilling experiences and fantastic table fare. Additionally, the nearshore species like Spanish Mackerel, King Mackerel, and Cobia offer exciting opportunities further out.

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