Everything You Need to Know About Mississippi Fishing

Fishing in the Hospitality State

The name “Mississippi” literally means great river. Where there’s a great river, there’s usually great fishing, and that rings true in this state full of southern charm. With a rich history of fishing from the indigenous people’s who used the river networks and oxbows to today where Mississippi has become one of the greatest states for recreational and commercial fishing. Having direct access to the Gulf of Mexico, as well as the development of waterways all across the state with the the creation of dams, reservoirs, and other river diversions for agriculture provides ample fishing opportunities all over Mississippi.

Fishing Mississippi’s Coast

Mississippi Inshore Fishing

Mississippi only has 44 miles of coastline on the Gulf of Mexico, but for what it lacks it space it makes up for in great fishing. The bays and bayous of Mississippi’s inshore waters are a great fishery year round and are particularly productive in the fall. This is when the white shrimp appear creating a perfect feeding ground for speckled trout, big bull reds, and more.

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Mississippi Destinations

Places to Stay in Mississippi