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Jetty Fishing: What you Need to Know

Jetty fishing is one of the most popular and accessible types of saltwater fishing, offering anglers the opportunity to catch a mixed bag of inshore and some nearshore fish species. Heading to the jetties only takes a few minutes which lets you spend more time fishing. With shorter travel and light tackle, jetty trips provide nonstop action and tend to be more budget friendly.

Jetty Fishing Charters

What is a Jetty?

Jetties are long walls made of concrete and stone that stretch out into the water and are used as a breakwater. They are constructed to protect harbors or prevent erosion along the shoreline. Jetties range in size from only one hundred feet to almost three-quarters of a mile long, creating an abundance of habitat for fish to call home.

What is Jetty Fishing?

Jetty fishing is done by anglers targeting fish that use the jetty for cover. Jetties offer ideal habitat for fish to ambush prey, avoid potential threats, or get out of the tidal currents to rest. Anglers targeting jetties typically use spinning gear or conventional tackle with live bait, cut bait, or lures to get a bite.

How to Fish the Jetties

Fishing the jetties can be done in several ways depending on the fish you’re targeting, as well as environmental factors like depth and temperature. One of the most popular techniques is bottom fishing with live or cut bait. Using a weight, leader, and baited hook allows anglers to cast further and keep their bait in one spot. Drift fishing is also effective. This method uses a bobber or popping cork to keep the bait closer to the surface.

Fishing the jetties with artificial bait is also popular and can be used to more accurately target specific species. Casting lures, jigs, or soft plastics between rocks and pilings on the jetty is an active and engaging style of fishing. Trolling a small spread of lures while making passes past one or more jetties can also be effective. Trolling targets the fish that hunt the open water around jetties and move frequently.

Jetty Fishing Trips

Jetty fishing trips are perfect for anglers of all levels because they can be tailored to every group. Charters range from short half-day trips to full-day excursions covering several areas depending on how much time you want to spend on the water. Jetty fishing can vary by target species and the style of fishing which lets you pick the right trip for your group's skill level. If you want to hit the water, check out our Jetty Fishing Trips and get in on the action.