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Big Ol Mess Table of Contents:

Texas Fishing Reports

  1. Austin Fishing Reports
  2. Dallas Fishing Reports
  3. Falcon Lake Fishing Reports
  4. Freeport Fishing Reports
  5. Galveston Fishing Reports
  6. Lake Texoma Fishing Reports
  7. Port O'Connor Fishing Reports
  8. Rockport Fishing Reports
  9. Trinity River Fishing Reports

Beyond Texas

  1. Asheville Fishing Reports (North Carolina)
  2. Broken Bow Fishing Reports (Oklahoma)
  3. Calcasieu Lake Fishing Reports (Louisiana)
  4. Clearwater Fishing Reports (Florida)
  5. Daytona Beach Fishing Reports (Florida)
  6. Delacroix Fishing Reports (Louisiana)
  7. Islamorada Fishing Reports (Florida)
  8. Knoxville Fishing Reports (Tennessee)
  9. New Smyrna Beach Fishing Reports (Florida)
  10. Venice Fishing Reports (Louisiana)
  11. West Palm Beach Fishing Reports (Florida)

Texas Fishing Reports

1) Austin Fishing Reports

Good fishing at Lake Austin right now. We are finding good success in shallow spawning areas with a hollow body frog, weightless senkos, and a finesse worm on a drop shot rig." -Ander

austin fishing trip

2) Dallas Fishing Reports

Pictures from Milton's Dallas fishing trips.

Dallas fishing trip

3) Falcon Lake Fishing Reports

"Fishing here at Falcon it's the best it's been in three years or so went out yesterday with our only tackle store owner here in town - 35 fish plus and our big fish of the day we had a couple of sevens 6 to 8 foot of water using Sinco's and spinner baits."-Robert's

falcon lake fishing trip

4) Freeport Fishing Reports

Pictures from Captain Mike Freeport fishing trips.

freeport fishing trip

5) Galveston Fishing Reports

"We have been catching red fish this week. Popping cork and shrimp have been the go to bait. We have been fishing from the boat. High winds and high tides have made it a challenge, but these crews hung tough and made the best of the time they had."-Captain Harry

galveston fishing trip

Pictures from Captain Ray's Galveston fishing trips.

galveston fishing trips

Pictures from Captain Rick's Galveston fishing trips.

galveston fishing guides

"Redfish action has been on fire at the jetty's this week."-Captain Shannon

galveston fishing charter

"Trout and sharks showing up, reds and sheep heads still biting great."-Captain William

galveston fishing charters

"Pretty good week. Wade fishing is still the key to good fish. Just working shorelines with bait present. Been getting started before daylight with the best bite happening just as the horizon starts to turn pink."-Captain William

galveston tx fishing charters

6) Lake Texoma Fishing Reports

"Too much rain! I am having to jostle trips around the storms but Bam birthday boy lands a 15 pounder!"-JD

lake texoma fishing trip

7) Port O'Connor Fishing Reports

Pictures from Captain Pat's Port O'Connor fishing trips.

port o connor fishing trip

8) Rockport Fishing Reports

"Trout are fair- soft plastics are starting to pick up and we're catching them on live shrimp on a popping cork- fish up to 25”.

Redfish good to excellent on shrimp, cut mullet, shad and soft plastics close to deeper water. Some fish are starting to move up on the flats when the sun comes out early! Pay attention to the minor and major feeding times!

Black drum are fair to good on dead shrimp. Water temps from 73 to 77 degrees. With the warmer temps fish are starting to be a little more consistent and aggressive. Another front on the way. Bad winds and lightning expected! Stay safe and tight lines!"-Captain Larry

rockport tx fishing trip

9) Trinity River Fishing Reports

Pictures from Kirk's Trinity River fishing trips.

trinity river fishing trip

Beyond Texas

1) Asheville Fishing Reports (North Carolina)

"Spring's warming up and the fishing is getting good!" -Doug

asheville fishing trip

2) Broken Bow Fishing Reports (Oklahoma)

"Last few days mostly medium size fish. Bite great mornings on leech and midge emergers. Lots of medium size feeding aggressively. Net numbers in the 20's most mornings."-Chris

broken bow fishing trip

3) Calcasieu Lake Fishing Reports (Louisiana)

"Great fishing, catching Reds and Specks."-Captain Tommy

calcasieu lake fishing trip

4) Clearwater Fishing Reports (Florida)

Pictures from Captain Gage's Clearwater fishing trips.

clearwater fishing trip

5) Daytona Beach Fishing Reports (Florida)

Pictures from Captain Austin's Daytona Beach fishing trips.

daytona beach fishing trip

"Offshore Stream fishing is fairly good. Wahoo, mahi, tuna - I've been inshore around the reefs for kingfish and bonita and did catch a couple sailfish today."-Captain Chris'

daytona beach fishing trips

6) Delacroix Fishing Reports (Louisiana)

Pictures from Captain Nicholas' Delacroix fishing trips.

delacroix fishing trip

7) Islamorada Fishing Reports (Florida)

"Fishing is in peak season here in Islamorada"-Captain Ben

islamorada fishing trip

8) Knoxville Fishing Reports (Tennessee)

Pictures from Jason's Knoxville fishing trips.

knoxville fishing trip

9) New Smyrna Beach Fishing Reports (Florida)

"Wide open bull redfish bite. If you have the right baits and know where they are, you're in for a rodeo."-Captain Will

new smyrna beach fishing trip

10) Venice Fishing Reports (Louisiana)

Pictures from Captain Donnie's Venice fishing trips.

venice fishing trip

11) West Palm Beach Fishing Reports (Florida)

Pictures from Captain Rudy Neumann's West Palm Beach fishing trips

west palm beach fishing trip

Thanks for reading this week's Big Ol Mess and Tight Lines!