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Big Ol Mess Table of Contents:

Texas Fishing Reports

  1. Aransas Pass Fishing Reports
  2. Austin Fishing Reports
  3. Dallas Fishing Reports
  4. Freeport Fishing Reports
  5. Galveston Fishing Reports
  6. Lake Buchanan Fishing Reports
  7. Lake Texoma Fishing Reports
  8. Port Aransas Fishing Reports
  9. Port O'Connor Fishing Reports
  10. Rockport Fishing Reports
  11. South Padre Island Fishing Reports
  12. Texas City Fishing Reports

Beyond Texas

  1. Asheville Fishing Reports (North Carolina)
  2. Biloxi Fishing Reports (Mississippi)
  3. Broken Bow Fishing Reports (Oklahoma)
  4. Cape May Fishing Reports (New Jersey)
  5. Charleston Fishing Reports (South Carolina)
  6. Clearwater Fishing Reports (Florida)
  7. Daytona Beach Fishing Reports (Florida)
  8. Destin Fishing Reports (Florida)
  9. Islamorada Fishing Reports (Florida)
  10. Kauai Fishing Reports (Hawaii)
  11. Pensacola Fishing Reports (Florida)
  12. Shell Beach Fishing Reports (Louisiana)
  13. West Palm Beach Fishing Reports (Florida)

Texas Fishing Reports

1) Aransas Pass Fishing Reports

Pictures from Captain Larry's Aransas Pass fishing trips.

aransas pass fishing charter

2) Austin Fishing Reports

"We found good success on Lake Austin this week by fishing the shallow, clear upper portions of the lake and sight fishing for bass cruising around rocks in the shallows. We found the best success with drop shot rigs."-Ander

austin fishing trip

3) Dallas Fishing Reports

Pictures from Marc's Dallas fishing trips.

dallas fishing trip

4) Freeport Fishing Reports

Pictures from Captain Mike Freeport fishing trips.

freeport fishing trip

"Haven't gotten to fish a lot this week. Had one Bluewater trip, a couple nearshore and several bay trip. Bluewater trip was an easy limit of Amberjacks. Nearshore still hot for shark, bull redfish and a few sheepshead. Bay fishing has been great for trout, redfish, flounder and sheepshead."-Captain Rodney

freeport fishing package

5) Galveston Fishing Reports

"It's been too windy for offshore but the inshore fishing has been producing nicely with live shrimp in the Galveston West Bay area and the Galveston ship channel and jetty area. A few big fish on cut Bait too although getting to some of the big fish spots have been tricky in these conditions."-Captain Mike

galveston fishing trip

Pictures from Captain David's Galveston fishing trips.

galveston fishing guides

"Bull reds and sharks biting decent at Jettys."-Captain Jason

galveston inshore fishing package

6) Lake Buchanan Fishing Reports

"Fishing is pretty good right now live bait."-Jakie

Lake Buchanan fishing charters

7) Lake Texoma Fishing Reports

"Fishing is great. Mid morning best, although evening good too. Hard thing about it, most fish over 20 inches long when a customer can only take two over twenty inch a day. Therefore throwing fish back hoping a smaller fish hits so can get limit (10 fish per person). Few days left mid week all weekends about booked."-JD

lake texoma fishing trip

8) Port Aransas Fishing Reports

Pictures from Captain Jr's Port Aransas fishing trips.

port aransas fishing trip

Pictures from Captain Todd's Port Aransas fishing trips.

port aransas fishing guide

9) Port O'Connor Fishing Reports

"Bulls and Jacks have been making for some great trips"-[Captain Pat](https://captainexperiences.com/search

port o connor fishing trip

Pictures from Captain Doug's Port O'Connor fishing trips.

port o connor fishing trips

10) Rockport Fishing Reports

"Trout fair on soft plastics and croaker to 25”. Redfish fair to good on live shrimp shad and soft plastics up on the flats and tight to the bank. Lots of fresh water coming out the drains. The reds will stay away for a few days. Find an area that is close to bigger water to stay clear of the fresh water. Black drum fair on dead shrimp, water temps from 76 to 80 degrees - with the warmer temps fish are starting to be a little more consistent and aggressive! With that said Rockport and surrounding areas have had 10 plus inches of rain. Have had high winds that made the water chocolate milk! High tides will push them tight but not around the feeder creeks. After the water settles down they will be hungry!! Tight lines everyone be safe out there this weekend!"-Captain Larry

rockport fishing trip

11) South Padre Island Fishing Reports

Pictures from Captain Walter's South Padre Island fishing trips.

south padre island fishing trip

"Here's one of my best clients w/ a nice size trout caught on live shrimp under a popping cork!"-Captain Allen

south padre island inshore fishing package

12) Texas City Fishing Reports

"Trout are still holding on drop offs redfish were actually over shell mid day."-Captain Michael

texas city fishing trip

Beyond Texas

1) Asheville Fishing Reports (North Carolina)

Pictures from Doug's Asheville fishing trips

asheville fishing charter

2) Biloxi Fishing Reports (Mississippi)

Pictures from Captain C's Biloxi fishing trips.

biloxi fishing trip

3) Broken Bow Fishing Reports (Oklahoma)

"Wade in fishing good on BWO nymphs below dragon fly jigs. BWO and caddis dry fly action at hatch. Drift boat fishing deep mornings with dragon fly nymph with leech trailer. At hatch, BWO dry with emerger trailer."-Chris

broken bow fishing trip

4) Cape May Fishing Reports (New Jersey)

"The spring black drum bite remains consistent with fish ranging from 30lbs to 75lbs. An occasional striped bass ranging from 25lbs to 43lbs have been caught throughout the fleet. However, with water temps creeping up day by day those giant females will be making their way north. Spring seabass has recently opened as of May 15th. We've ran a few trips so far and it's been nothing but lights out fishing. Had an easy 7 man limit today within 2.5 hours."-Captain Mark

cape may fishing charters

5) Charleston Fishing Reports (South Carolina)

Pictures from Captain Johnston's Charleston fishing trips.

charleston fishing trip

6) Clearwater Fishing Reports (Florida)

Pictures from Captain Gage's Clearwater fishing trips.

clearwater fishing trip

7) Daytona Beach Fishing Reports (Florida)

Pictures from Captain Austin's Daytona Beach fishing trips.

daytona beach fishing trip

8) Destin Fishing Reports (Florida)

"Winds have been making it tough to fish but I've been able to get some. Rare catch up here in the Panhandle but got a nice permit."-Captain Jimmy

destin fishing trip

9) Islamorada Fishing Reports (Florida)

"We are catching tarpon bonefish + more in the salt side and tons of bass in the fresh here in the upper Florida Keys."-Captain Ben

islamorada fishing charters

10) Kauai Fishing Reports (Hawaii)

Pictures from Captain Harry's Kapa'a fishing trips.

kapa'a hawaii fishing trip

11) Pensacola Fishing Reports (Florida)

Pictures from Captain Jacob's Pensacola fishing trips.

pensacola fishing trips

12) Shell Beach Fishing Reports (Louisiana)

"Winds were high and so is the tide with all the rain but we managed to pit a few UPS guys on some fish. 29 Sheepshead,6 Trout and 1 Redfish to finish the day."-Captain Joe

shell beach fishing trip

13) West Palm Beach Fishing Reports (Florida)

Pictures from John's West Palm Beach fishing trips.

west palm beach fishing trip

Thanks for reading this week's Big Ol Mess and Tight Lines!