Top 10 Fishing Destinations For 2022

It’s obvious that anglers love a good fishing trip. With so many places to fish and fish to catch, it’s hard to decide where to take a trip. We've made it even harder, because now you have to somehow choose between the items on this list. See below for 10 of the best and most unique fishing destinations in the US for 2022.

Florida Keys




South Padre Island, Texas

A line up of tuna in South Padre Island

Talkeetna, Alaska

Man Holding Rainbow Trout on a River in Alaska

Venice, Louisiana

Man standing next to big yellowfin tuna.

Baffin Bay, Texas

Baffin Bay Redfish

Charleston, South Carolina

Man holding Redfish while fishing in Charleston

Clearwater, Florida

Man holding red grouper

Destin, Florida

Big red snapper in Destin Florida

Chatham, Massachusetts



While we couldn’t include every amazing fishing spot, these places have some of the best fishing opportunities and experiences available. With so many great places to fish and so many amazing fish to catch, even if you don't make it to one of these bucket list destinations, take a trip and get out there. There are plenty of places waiting for you.