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Nicknamed the “Sportsman’s Paradise,” Louisiana has over 77,000 miles of coastline and the largest manmade lake in the South. Fishing is an important part of Louisiana’s culture, especially when it comes to catching giant redfish.

Giant Louisiana Redfish

Louisiana Inshore Fishing

Louisiana is the “Inshore Fishing Capital of the World” thanks to the sheer amount of coastline and having more marshes than any other coastal state. The intricate Louisiana Coastline was created by the Mississippi River, which built up a delta (where sediment is deposited when the river meets the Gulf) for thousands of years, then changed directions to create a new delta. This created bayous and estuaries with varying tidal depths and salinity perfect for a multitude of inshore fish.

Louisiana Redfish

The warm and fertile waters of Louisiana make it excellent for redfish who hide in the wetlands and cruise the canals. Louisiana is special with excellent opportunities to catch redfish throughout the year making it the perfect spot to take a trip.

Speckled trout are also popular in Louisiana for being great fighters and for excellent table fare. The same spots that hold redfish often hold speckled trout like sandy bottoms, oyster reefs, and seagrass beds. Louisiana has the perfect environment for both of these fish and many others to thrive..

Grand Isle

With over 280 fish species and year-round fishing, Grand Isle is a sportfishing paradise. Being only eight miles wide, Grand Isle makes up for lack of land with hundreds of productive waterways teeming with excellent fishing. Being in a location right where marshland meets the Gulf gives access to everything from inshore fishing for bull reds, to offshore fishing for Mahi Mahi and everything in between.


Venice is right where the Mississippi River meets the Gulf of Mexico, which makes it one of the most fertile and productive fishing regions in the world. It’s known as both “Tuna Town” and the “Redfish Capital of the World,” Venice is full of excellent fishing from coastal brackish estuaries to deep offshore water and around every oil rig and structure in between.

Calcasieu Lake

Located only a few hours from the major hub of Houston, Calcasieu Lake is a popular spot for anglers to target redfish and other sought-after species. Freshwater from the Calcasieu River mixes with saltwater from Calcasieu Pass to create a rich brackish water home for inshore species. Other popular targets include sheepshead, speckled trout, catfish, largemouth bass, tripletail, and even cobia.

Fishing Spots in Louisiana

Louisiana itself has so much access to water, that it is almost impossible to find a bad spot to fish. The diversity of species and environments creates one of the best fisheries in the world and a great spot to take a fishing trip.

Best Season for Louisiana Fishing

Louisiana is unique for being a truly year-round fishery. No matter where or when you go, there will always be something to fish for. However, there are better seasons than others if you have a specific species you’d like to target. The key is to find the best season for your key fish, and if you show up at the right time, they will be waiting.