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At Captain Experiences, we work with some Damn Good Guides, and for a lot of them it’s their crew and first mates that make the perfect trip happen.

Sometimes, those deckhands tend to be a little furrier than others. We’d like to introduce you to some of our guides’ best co-captains, their dogs!

Damn Good Guides and Their Dogs

Carson & Finn

Carson is the go-to guy to land some big ole bass on Lake Travis in Austin, TX and the surrounding backcountry. He spends all his spare time navigating the rivers on the chase for the next personal best, so he knows the waters like the back of his hand.

And Carson never flies solo on these missions. Finn is his right hand man, enjoying the breeze as Carson’s new bass boat glides through the water, and relaxing in the sun as he rocks the boat with a heavy largemouth on the end of the line.

Carson found Finn down at Falcon Lake on the boat ramp after a long day of fishing when Finn was only a few months old.

The poor guy had a rattletrap stuck on his mouth, but after getting that off and a nice warm stay at a hotel with some great food, Finn was ready to go.

The next day, Carson and a friend loaded Finn up in their boat, fished all day through wind ripping at 25 mph, and by the end, they just couldn’t imagine leaving the little guy back at the ramp.

Carson took Finn home, and he’s since been the best fishing buddy Carson could ask for.


Mr. Finn enjoying a beautiful day in Austin, TX

Captain Joseph & Batman

Captain Joseph and his (human) first mate run some amazing inshore and offshore trips in beautiful St. Petersburg, FL targeting the great variety of fish the waters have to offer.

Part of what makes these trips so great is the additional, smallest member of the group that completes the crew, Batman.

Captain Joseph rescued Batman, when he was small enough to fit in the palm of his hand, after a fishing trip to Miami. He was so tiny that he still had to bottle feed puppy replacement milk, and work his way up to regular food and water- Captain Joseph was there for every step.

Since then, they’ve stuck together everywhere they go.

Batman isn’t your ordinary, yappy chihuahua. He is a professional member of the crew who takes his job of making everyone on board (especially kids) his new best friend, and keeps those who get a little seasick company as they rest.

Batman’s turning 11 this month, and has already logged 9,000+ hours on the water!


Batman posing with a redfish catch

Captain Jon & Salty

With over 15 years of experience in the waters of Port O’Connor, TX, Captain Jon is an expert in both wade and boat fishing for bull reds, speckled trout, and any other inshore fish you could desire.

He takes the time before each trip to scout out his spots to get you on the best fishing possible, and his dog Salty is the perfect partner on these expeditions.

Salty has remained Captain Jon and his wife’s constant companion for over two and a half years. When we say constant, we mean it- Salty’s there every step of the way whether it’s an 18 hour drive to pick up a boat, or a personal day on the boat.

On a trip to Florida, Salty found his love of fishing while sitting under a dinner table watching the tarpon roll. Since then, he’s found it his passion to watch Captain Jon reel them in, give them a thorough inspection, and help chase down any that get loose in the boat.

Sometimes though, Salty does take a break to sneak a sardine snack, much to Captain Jon’s dismay.

Salty dreams of fetching his own fish out of the water someday, but for now he and Captain Jon have agreed that staying in the boat and watching the humans practice their retrieving is a better deal.


Salty supervising a big ole bull red catch

Captain Joe & Ranger

Captain Joe has the lock on the surrounding waters of Beaufort, NC both for conventional and fly fishing on the salt. Although a lot of his success has to do with Captain Joe’s 30+ years of experience in a world-class fishery, there is something, or someone else who needs some credit. That would be his lab, Ranger.

Ranger fishes nearly every charter with Captain Joe, and takes his employment as a member of the crew very seriously. Don’t be intimidated, clients of all skill levels are welcome on his boats, and he will reassure them if they miss a bite. For every step of the way, Ranger is dedicated to the trip. From being highly intuitive and observant when the fish is on, personally inspecting each catch and release, and even providing onboard entertainment, he is there to celebrate the trophy redfish catch. He is the first ready every morning, barely hiding his excitement to suit up and head to the truck.


Ranger inspecting a redfish

Jaime & Poncho

Down in Port Isabel, TX Captain Jaime is known to get his fishing groups on the big bull reds, speckled trout, flounder and more. But every once in a while, he’ll get some time to get his family out on the boat, and enjoy the pristine waters of the Laguna Madre.

For the first time on one of these family trips last week, Captain Jaime decided to bring out their pup Poncho.

Although Poncho loved family time, he’s not quite sure of his sea legs. The fishing was great, as you can see with this lineup of redfish, but a nice, soft doggy bed on land is more his style. It may have been his first and last trip, but we give Poncho all the applause for trying something new.


Poncho on his first ever boat day

Mitch & Duke

Since he was a youngin, Captain Mitch has been in and on the water, fishing both as a passion and competitively.

He now uses his experience to guide outstanding boat and wading trips to the best fishing holes in Corpus Christi, TX. On the rare days he can avoid the call from the sea, he’ll spend some time on his other favorite hobbies, hunting and cooking.

Lucky for him, his sidekick Duke is just as devoted to these pastimes.

13 year old Duke, or “D-Dog,” has been Captain Mitch’s side kick since he was just a puppy. Duke is an extremely hard working and excellent hunting dog, bringing in upland birds and waterfowl, and is a professional taste tester for Captain Mitch’s cooking endeavors.

He also acts as a professional hood ornament for the boat on their personal trips hanging out there for the day, and occasionally jumping into the water to go explore the shoreline.

Duke got into diving as a young pup, when on a particularly rainy and foggy day, he decided it was a good idea to swim out to where Captain Mitch was wade fishing, and get a piggy back ride on the way back.

Since then, Duke’s decided that when it comes time to fish, observing calmly from the front of the boat is more his style.


Duke keeping a watch out for schooling fish

Travis & Whipray

When it comes to fly fishing the salty waters of Rockport, Captain Travis is one of the best guides there is. Growing up on St. Charles bay, he knows all there is to know on the area, and has what it takes to put you on redfish on the fly. On his personal days, his Australian cattle dog Whipray is his go-to fishing buddy.

Whipray, known to some of his best friends as Ray, loves to hit the water and spend a day in the sun with Captain Travis. He was named after the original technical poling skiff from Hell’s Bay Boatworks.


Ray on his way to scout out some redfish

Doug & Sissy

Captain Doug has over 15 years of experience fishing the waters of Port O’Connor, and guides some amazing trips catching redfish, speckled trout, and more.

Although Captain Doug stays busy helping his trips make memories that will last a lifetime, he likes to spend his off days making memories with his two and a half year old lab Sissy.

Sissy is quite the loyal little lady, and loves to head out with Captain Doug on the boat, or really anywhere else he goes. She’s right by his side for every catch, and is as calm as could be observing the Captain Doug and co. fight some reds.


Sissy supervising the next catch

Our Furry Friends at Captain

We couldn’t miss the chance to show off our own boating bow-wows, emphasis on wow. As a group of avid fishermen ourselves, any chance to get out on the water is taken, and bringing our dogs only sweetens the deal.

Attison & Louis & Hank

Attison is one of our co founders and has two labs that live with him here in Texas, Louis and Hank.

Louis is an old boy hailing back from Attison’s college days in Virginia, and is a product of the Virginia Beach area, an extra puppy from a Norfolk hunt club with no home to go to. Louis was raised heading out on the Chesapeake Bay and patrolling for stripers, and is a true bowrider.


Older brother Louis, enjoying his spot on the boat

Hank is a young-gun, hailing from the heart of Texas. He is right at home soaking up the hot Texas heat and getting outside, whether it is on the boat or in the blind.


Little guy Hank, giving his best smile

Shawna & Dexter

Shawna is our Customer Success Manager here at Captain Experiences and is the go to gal for making your dream fishing trip happen. Whenever she has a chance to visit her hometown in Wisconsin, her best pal Dexter is there to greet her and head out to the water for some bass and bluegill fishing.

Dexter is the perfect boat buddy, and loves to let the wind flap his ears and watch the ducks and other water birds pass by. Being a Labrador retriever, it took a bit for him to realize he didn’t need to help her bring in the fish on the line, but he’s now learned the best spot is to sit directly on her feet and watch the magic happen.


Dexter toughing out a particularly cold and wet morning

Thanks for Reading & Tight Lines

Dogs aren’t “man’s best friend” for no reason- they’re some of the most loyal companions, best listeners, hardest workers, and sometimes even the best co-captains. Give us a call to get out on the water, make some memories, and make some new friends with our Damn Good Guides and maybe even the good boys and girls that make up their crew.