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Big Ol Mess Table of Contents:

Texas Fishing Reports

  1. Aransas Pass Fishing Reports
  2. Austin Fishing Reports
  3. Corpus Christi Fishing Reports
  4. Falcon Lake Fishing Reports
  5. Freeport Fishing Reports
  6. Galveston Fishing Reports
  7. Lake Texoma Fishing Reports
  8. Port Aransas Fishing Reports
  9. Rockport Fishing Reports
  10. South Padre Island Fishing Reports
  11. Trinity River Fishing Reports

Beyond Texas

  1. Breckenridge Fishing Reports (Colorado)
  2. Broken Bow Fishing Reports (Oklahoma)
  3. Daytona Beach Fishing Reports (Florida)
  4. Delacroix Fishing Reports (Louisiana)
  5. Destin Fishing Reports (Florida)
  6. Elk River Fishing Reports (Tennessee)
  7. Kona Fishing Reports (Hawaii)
  8. Venice Fishing Reports (Louisiana)

Texas Fishing Reports

1) Aransas Pass Fishing Reports

"We have started to see the flounder spring run begin with an occasional fish in the 23-26 inch range."-Captain James

aransas pass fishing charter

2) Austin Fishing Reports

"A little of the same old, same old... fantastic fishing and smashing bass in the grass. As is nearly always the case on Decker, we are finding the best success with fishing submerged vegetation in 4-10 ft of water. The bait of choice this week also continues to be drop shot rigged finesse worms."~Ander

austin fishing trip

3) Corpus Christi Fishing Reports

Pictures from Captain Gabriel's Corpus Christi fishing trips.

corpus christi fishing charter

4) Falcon Lake Fishing Reports

"Fishing is still great for black bass here at Falcon lake from 2 foot to 10 foot crank bait spinner baits Carolina rig and Crappie is good to in brush piles"-Robert's

falcon lake fishing trip

5) Freeport Fishing Reports

"Inshore been good! Fishing with live shrimp. Reds specks and flounder"-Captain Mike

freeport fishing trip

Pictures from Captain Rodney's Freeport fishing trips.

freeport fishing trips

6) Galveston Fishing Reports

Pictures from Captain Brandon's Galveston fishing trips.

galveston fishing trip

Pictures from Captain Cody's Galveston fishing trips.

galveston fishing trips

"Weather is getting better every day. Water temperature is consistently above 70 degrees. That means the fish are eating more and more frequently. We did some wade fishing this past week. The fish weren't yet at the areas we thought they would be this time of year. We made a couple of adjustments and found a good bite on top water lures and suspending baits. Red fish are still eating every thing in site. Trout are getting better in size."-Captain Harry

galveston tx fishing package

"The Galveston jetties are a great place for catching specks, redfish, sheep heads, and lots of pan fish using live shrimp fishing towards the rocks. East bay is starting to heat up with lots of specks fishing over shell, with live shrimp. As soon as these cold fronts quit moving through and the weather warms up fishing will be great all over the Galveston bay complex. Stay safe look like lots of rain moving in this Friday."-Captain Mike

galveston tx fishing guide

Pictures from Captain Steve's Galveston fishing trips.

galveston tx fishing guides

7) Lake Texoma Fishing Reports

"Fishing last couple days testy. Lots boats out now. Think they are catching small fish but then I don't know for sure as I hardly talk to anyone else on the water. Thursday good, Friday rained out and today game buster. Big fish, small fish, and fun times. Fishing picking up so limits and big fish, until Stripers head out to spawn. Slow then but don't last long. Time to fish!"-JD

lake texoma fishing trip

8) Port Aransas Fishing Reports

Pictures from Captain JR Port Aransas fishing trips.

port aransas fishing trip

9) Rockport Fishing Reports

Pictures from Captain Larry Rockport fishing trips.

rockport fishing trip

10) South Padre Island Fishing Reports

Pictures from Captain Emilio's South Padre Island fishing trips.

south padre island fishing trip

"Fishing Is certainly getting better as the waters warm up. Big trout are shown up in shallow waters on our west side. We are hitting the reds pretty hard as well with plastics and cut ballyhoo."-Captain Walter

south padre island fishing trips

11) Trinity River Fishing Reports

Pictures from Mark's Trinity River fishing trip.

trinity river fishing trip

Beyond Texas

1) Breckenridge Fishing Reports (Colorado)

"Flows at Lawson are at 31.6 cfs as of 4/21/2021. Plenty of open water from Downieville - Lawson - Dumont. Water temperatures are fairly cold, so nymph rigs fished in the deeper areas are better this time of year.

Cool weather for the next few days will limit further increase in flows. A nymph rig and dry dropper have been effective as of late.

Have noticed stonefly activity in the creek today. Also suggest a stonefly and trailing with a smaller midge were working the best for me today. Suggest a #16 or 18 red zebra that was extremely successful.

Also, around 11AM to 1:30PM lots of dry fly activity. Griffiths Gnat was the ticket. Clear Creek is considered a freestone, try your efforts during the warmest period of the day."-Ken

breckenridge fishing charter

2) Broken Bow Fishing Reports (Oklahoma)

Pictures from Chris' Broken Bow fishing trips.

broken bow fishing trip

3) Daytona Beach Fishing Reports (Florida)

Pictures from Captain Austin's Daytona Beach fishing trips.

daytona beach fishing trip

4) Delacroix Fishing Reports (Louisiana)

Pictures from Captain Nicholas' Delacroix fishing trips

delacroix fishing trip

5) Destin Fishing Reports (Florida)

Pictures from Captain Brantley's Destin fishing trips.

destin fishing trip

"Pompano bite is still hot"-Captain Jimmy

destin fishing trips

Pictures from Captain Jordan's Destin fishing trips.

destin fishing charter

6) Elk River Fishing Reports (Tennessee)

Pictures from Jared's Elk River fishing trips.

elk river fishing trip

7) Kona Fishing Reports (Hawaii)

Pictures from Captain Shawn's Kona, Hawaii fishing trips.

kona offshore fishing trip

8) Venice Fishing Reports (Louisiana)

"Swordfish and tuna are on fire!"-Captain Donnie

venice fishing trip

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