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Big Ol Mess Table of Contents:

Texas Fishing Reports

Guides are getting back on the water after the arctic blast. The general consensus is: more extensive fish kills occurred in the lower and middle-coast areas where bays are shallower and the fish couldn't take refuge from the cold in deeper water. However, the extent of the kill may not be as bad as early predictions, and the bite is back on across the Texas coast. Check out our Texas fishing reports for some updates on the fishing, and more on the fish kill.

  1. Freeport Fishing Reports
  2. Galveston Fishing Reports
  3. South Padre Island Fishing Reports
  4. Rockport Fishing Reports
  5. Aransas Pass Fishing Reports

Beyond Texas

Tarpon season is starting to pick up in the Florida Keys, while the reef fishing off of Clearwater continues to be red hot. To cap it off, the offshore waters from Venice are producing copious amounts of big wahoo.

  1. Clearwater Fishing Reports (Florida)
  2. Islamorada Fishing Reports (Florida)
  3. Key West Fishing Reports (Florida)
  4. Venice Fishing Reports (Louisiana)

Texas Fishing Reports

1) Freeport Fishing Reports

Picture from Captain Mike Segall's Freeport, Texas fishing trip.

freeport fishing charter

2) Galveston Fishing Reports

Picture from Captain Harry Arthur's Galveston, Texas fishing trip.

galveston fishing trips

Pictures from Captain LG Boyd's Galveston, Texas fishing trips.

galveston fishing charters

"This week inshore we have had awesome fishing! Light winds, jetty-channel area live shrimp.... 4 person limit of sheepshead, a few reds and 30 more throwbacks after limits kept!"-Captain Mike

galveston tx fishing guide

3) South Padre Island Fishing Reports

"Fishing has been reel good after last weeks cold spell."-Captain Walter

south padre island fishing guide

4) Rockport Fishing Reports

"One of the trout we stopped to look at. It will be interesting to see what will come from this. People that went out right after the cold didn't see what is now floating to the top" - Captain Geronimo

geronimo leal

5) Aransas Pass Fishing Reports

Captain Larry Bell went out on a catch and release trip and shared what he saw: multiple 25+ inch speckled trout floating on the surface.

larry bell

Beyond Texas

1) Clearwater Fishing Reports (Florida)

Pictures from Captain Gage Brady's Clearwater fishing trips

clearwater fishing charter

2) Islamorada Fishing Reports (Florida)

"We spent multiple days poling flats in the Everglades National park and Islamorada, and were successful each day, landing lemon sharks, barracudas, bonnethead sharks and big jacks. Sight fishing crystal clear water learning how these fish stalk, hunt, and eat prey." -Captain Ben Trainer

ben trainer fishing guide

3) Key West Fishing Reports (Florida)

Pictures from Captain Art Duplessis' Key West, Florida fishing trips.

key west fishing charters

Pictures from Captain Justin Ferrell's Key West, Florida fishing trips.

key west fishing package

4) Venice Fishing Reports (Louisiana)

Pictures from Captain Donnie Jackson's Venice fishing trips

venice fishing charter

Thanks for reading this week's Big Ol Mess and Tight Lines!