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Seems like we're getting our first BITE of summer fishing this week, and man does it taste good! Winds and rain still interrupt fishing charters regularly, as is typical this time of year along the Gulf Coast. That being said, the gettin' has been great when it all comes together!

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Big Ol Mess Table of Contents (to make it less of a Big Ol Mess):


  1. Galveston Fishing Reports
  2. Freeport Fishing Report
  3. Port O Connor Fishing Report
  4. Rockport Fishing Reports
  5. Port Aransas Fishing Report
  6. Corpus Christi Fishing Report
  7. South Padre Fishing Reports
  8. Lake Texoma
  9. Decker Lake
  10. Lake Conroe


  1. Saint Bernard, Louisiana Fishing Report
  2. Hackberry, Louisiana Fishing report

Texas Fishing Reports:

1) Galveston Fishing Reports:

Redfish bite is strong with Speckled Trout biting ferociously on good days and proving elusive on bad ones. Flounder in the mix as well. Wind and Gulf of Mexico storm cells continue to pester.

"Speckled Trout are starting to hold on reefs all over the Galveston Bay System. Better bites for me have been on the incoming tides. Redfish have slowed for me somewhat but Speckled Trout have been eating well. Fishing has been great all over the Galveston Bay System so let's go fishing. All fish seem to be holding in 4 to 5 ft of water. We are still having late season fronts which have been hampering efforts sometimes. Lots of rain scheduled this weekend we will see how this turns out for our Galveston fishing charters." - Captain Michael Meza

galveston fishing charters galveston-fishing-trips galveston-fishing-guides

"Galveston jetty fishing trips are going great with quality mixed boxes about every trip. Come see your favorite Galveston fishing guides." - Captain Jason


"Great Sheepshead bite and a couple of Black Drum caught at the Galveston jetties." - Captain Cole

galveston bay fishing trip galveston-bay-fishing-trips

"The Galveston Jetties are producing good numbers of Speckled Trout and slot Redfish. Sharks, Jack Crevalle and Bull Redfish are showing up on the Galveston beachfront. Fishing at the Galveston Jetties and the Galveston beachfront is best on calmer days. Galveston Bait has been producing good numbers of Speckled Trout drift fishing and the top water bite has been awesome for waders!" - Captain LG

galveston drift boat fishing guides galveston bay fishing guides galveston bay fishing tripz

2) Freeport Fishing Report:

"Great times for Freeport fishing charters- let's go fishing!" - Captain Paul

freeport fishing guides freeport-fishing-trips freeport-fishing-trip freeport-fishing-charter

3) Port O Connor Fishing Report:

"The weather in Texas is just as big as Texas. Crazy wind and thunderstorms to calm and chilly. When we have been able to get out on the water and fish it has been outstanding. We are filling our Port o Connor fishing charter boxes with Redfish, Speckled Trout, Black Drum and a few others." - Captain Brandon

port o connor fishing charters port-o-connor-fishing-charter

Texas Snook up in Port O Connor!


4) Rockport Fishing Reports:

"Rockport fishing trips are catching Bull Redfish in this area right now- look for fish hugging the shoreline, and find baitfish up close to the shoreline as well. Throw topwater bait up close and work out and down shorelines. Plastics are catching fish in just a little bit deeper water. Dark color lures like Marker54 lures are getting the job done. Jerk shrimp are working well in the same areas." - Captain Larry

rockport fishing guides rockport fishing trips

"Instead of getting a hunting dog, I got a fishing dog!" - Captain Cody

rockport fishing charter rockport fishing guide rockport-fishing-trip rockport bay fishing guide

Ollie is the Captain Now!

5) Port Aransas Fishing Reports:

"Redfish fishing has still been highly productive on our Port Aransas charters with Speckled Trout fishing starting to gain speed and should only get better." - Captain Jack

port aransas fishing charters port-aransas-fishing-charter port-aransas-fishing-trips

6) Corpus Christi Fishing Report:

"Redfish are biting along Padre Island National Shoreline and the shark bite is heating up!" - Captain Colin

padre island fishing charters padre-island-fishing-charter

7) South Padre Island Fishing Report:

"Speckled Trout and Redfish are showing up in large numbers and great size too. Come book a south padre fishing charter with us to get on em!" - Captain Blaze

south padre fishing charters south-padre-fishing-trips

8) Lake Texoma Fishing Report

"This week was awesome on Lake Texoma. With some rain in our area we still maintained our trips which seemed to stir the Stripers, resulting in good box of fish. We got all our over 20 inch fish, and filled out on box fish. It was fun and even in these tough times, we still make time for fishing." - Captain JD


9) Decker Lake Fishing Report

"Decker Lake - Look for bass actively feeding on shad up close to the reeds during lowlight hours. Umbrella rigs and chatterbaits have been top producers." - Ander

decker lake fishing guides

10) Lake Conroe Fishing Report

"Crappie are biting on minnows and jigs from 12 to 20 feet deep around brush piles and bridges. Hybrid Striped Bass are doing good on live shad and shad colored crankbaits from 10 to 30 feet around main lake points! Catfish are great along the bulkheads early and later move out to the 8 to 20 depths along any drop off; using cut shad or stink baits. Cold fronts tend to slow everything down!" -Richard

Beyond Texas Fishing Reports:

1) Hackberry, Louisiana Fishing Report:

"Fishing on Lake Calcasieu is better this year than it has been for the past 3 years. A mild winter and average rain fall have made conditions in the Lake perfect for huge numbers of fish. The trout aren't huge, but there are plenty of them. Redfish are usually plentiful in our area and this year is no exception. The only thing we gave been fighting is high wind days. Once we soon move into our summertime pattern, great fishing will be daily. Book your trip now and experience the great fishing on Lake Calcasieu in Southwest Louisiana." - Captain Tommy

hackberry fishing charters hackberry-fishing-charter hackberry-fishing-trips hackberry-fishing-trip

2) Saint Bernard, Louisiana Fishing Report:

"It was an exciting day for Christopher! Due to the high wind and choppy seas we could not target Speckled Trout. So we jumped in the marsh and fill the yeti with Redfish. He had a blast and can’t wait till next time." - Captain Jimmy

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