Everything You Need to Know About Lake Erie, Ohio Fishing

Fishing Lake Erie

With an average of 1.5 million fish caught in Lake Erie every year, you won't go home empty-handed. While the lake is known for steelhead, many other gamefish live in its waters and provide a variety of phenomenal fishing opportunities.

Lake Erie Steelhead Fishing

For most of the anglers on Lake Erie, fishing means steelhead, steelhead, steelhead. The lake and its tributaries are one of the best steelhead fisheries in the world and the fish is the signature of the area. The best steelhead fishing will often be found in a part of the lake called the mountain, where the lake is deepest and the cold-water fish will congregate as the water warms elsewhere.

Lake Trout Fishing on Lake Erie

Catching lake trout can require a bit of extra tackle but these fish are well worth it.

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Places to Stay in Lake Erie, Ohio