Everything You Need to Know About Lake Ontario, Ontario Fishing

Fishing Lake Ontario

Lake Ontario might be the smallest of the great lakes, but it is certainly still great. Still in the top 15 largest lakes in the world by size, Lake Ontario is home to tons of game fish that are perfect for a trip. While you are fishing for most of the species in this lake, a few key things to keep in mind are bait, water temperature, and the depth of your lures. Many guides use downriggers to help them lower their baits to reach the fish, but you can also use divers or weights.

Lake Ontario Salmon and Trout Fishing

Due to the size of the lake and the amount of water to cover, many anglers choose to troll the lake in the warmer months in search of trout and salmon. Both of these fish species can reach mammoth sizes and landing one is no easy task. These fish have been known to straighten hooks and break lines, which is part of the draw of targeting these powerful fish.

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Places to Stay in Lake Ontario, Ontario