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shark fishing texas

An 8' Female Blacktip Shark caught from Padre Island National Seashore by Captain Colin.

Our Damn Good Guides had a damn good week on the water. Our Texas saltwater fishing guides report Redfish from South Padre to Galveston. The Speckled Trout bite is on in Galveston, and the Shark run is officially here, from Padre Island National Seashore to the Galveston jetties!

Our Texas freshwater fishing guides are hauling in Bass and limits of Striped Bass on Lake Texoma:

lake texoma striper fishing guides

Our neighbors in Louisiana report consistent limits of Redfish, and of Speckled Trout when the wind allows:

louisiana fishing guides

Moving over to Florida, Captain Josh reports on the best Tarpon run he can recall in recent years!

florida keys tarpon fishing guides

Captain Josh's jumping Tarpon left and right out of Islamorada, Florida.

To top off this week's Big Ol Mess, we'll wrap up covering Brian's success catching Pennsylvania Musky!

musky fishing guides near me

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Big Ol Mess Table of Contents (to make it less of a Big Ol Mess):

Texas: (UPDATE)

  1. Galveston Fishing Reports
  2. Matagorda Offshore Fishing Report
  3. Rockport Fishing Report
  4. Corpus Christi Fishing Report / Padre Island Fishing Report
  5. South Padre Fishing Report
  6. Lake Texoma Fishing Report
  7. Decker Lake Fishing Report

Beyond Texas

  1. Venice, Louisiana Fishing Report
  2. Saint Bernard, Louisiana Fishing Report
  3. Hopedale, Louisiana Fishing report
  4. Grand Isle, Louisiana Fishing Report
  5. West Palm Beach, Florida Fishing Report
  6. Islamorada, Florida Fishing Report
  7. Pymatuning Reservoir, Pennsylvania Fishing Report

Texas Fishing Reports:

1) Galveston Fishing Reports:

Our Galveston fishing charters report a strong Speckled Trout bite, with Redfish and Sheepshead mixed in. The big news is that the first Blacktip Sharks of the season are biting at the Galveston Jetties!

"Been fishing the Texas City area catching Speckled Trout and a few Redfish- overall fishing has been good on our fishing trips in Galveston Bay. The Galveston Jetties are holding Speckled Trout, Redfish, Sheepshead, and a lot of Panfish. " - Captain Mike

galveston fishing report

Nice Redfish and Speckled Trout caught on one of Captain Mike's Galveston fishing trips!

galveston bay fishing charters

Can't beat sunny day Galveston fishing charters!

galveston bay fishing guides

"Galveston fishing is steadily improving- we have been catching an assortment of Redfish, Speckled Trout and Flounder. We are throwing artificial lures and live bait. Wade fishing is producing better numbers of fish. We no longer need waders with water temperatures at a comfortable 80 degrees on our Galveston wade fishing trips." - Captain Harry

fishing charters inshore texas

A nice inshore catch for Captain Harry's gang.

Galveston Fishing Charters fishing charters in galveston

"Wade fishing East Galveston Bay. Fish caught on corkies and this 50 year old MirrOlure." - Captain David

fishing guides in galveston fishing charters in galveston tx

"Speckled Trout are starting to hold on reefs all over the Galveston Bay System. Better bites for me have been on the incoming tides. Redfish have slowed for me somewhat but Speckled Trout have been eating well. Fishing has been great all over the Galveston Bay System so let's go fishing. All fish seem to be holding in 4 to 5 ft of water. We are still having late season fronts which have been hampering efforts sometimes. Lots of rain scheduled this weekend we will see how this turns out for our Galveston fishing charters." - Captain Michael

galveston fishing guides

Captain Mike is one of the best Galveston fishing guides around!

fishing trips in galveston fishing trips from galveston

Can't beat a Galveston Bay sunrise out fishing

galveston fishing trips

Ahhhhh Zabenya!!!!

"Galveston jetty fishing trips are hot with a mix of species. We've been catching Redfish, Black Drum, and Sheepshead at the Jetties." - Captain Jason

galveston fishing trip

Great Galveston fishing trip haul with Captain Jason

fishing guides in galveston bay fishing charters in galveston bay

"Great week here at GetfishyCharters! Sheepshead are biting, the trout are out there and the weather is beautiful." - Captain Cole

fishing guides galveston texas

Galveston fishing guide Captain Cole knows where to find the Speepshead!

galveston bay fishing guide texas fishing guides galveston tx

Another Galveston Blacktip Shark

fishing guides in galveston tx

2) Matagorda Fishing Report:

"14 Yellowfin Tuna, 2 Blackfin Tuna, 6 Amberjacks, 1 Wahoo, and 1 Ling on the Hail Storm 24 hr trip to the Perdido Oil Rig. We traveled 450 miles in perfect conditions!" - Captain Chance

texas tuna fishing

14 Yellowfin Tuna back at the cleaning station in Matagorda, TX.

deep sea offshore galveston

What "perfect conditions" looks like!

deep sea offshore galveston tx deep sea offshore texas deep sea off shore galveston texas fishing charters off shore/in shore texas deep sea offshore galveston fishing yellowfin tuna fishing trip galveston yellowfin tuna fishing galveston

3) Rockport Fishing Report:

"Rockport fishing trips: Speckled Trout are transitioning to grass, shell and sand. Redfish are holding over grass and scattered potholes- Look for bait working shorelines and around structures, and throw topwater baits up against shorelines in 2' or less of water. Work your plastics, suspending baits across edges, drops and over scattered potholes. Down South Lures super model and burner shad working well along with Marker54 lures. Mullet run and jerk shrimp either under popping cork or free lined." - Captain Larry

rockport fishing guides rockport fishing charters rockport fishing trips

4) Corpus Christi Fishing Report / Padre Island Fishing Report:

"Hammerheads and Bull Sharks caught this week, including the 8' female Bull Shark pictured below! Occasional Jackfish and occasional Redfish here on our Padre Island fishing trips." - Captain Colin

padre island fishing guides corpus christi fishing guides shark fishing guides texas shark fishing texas guides

5) South Padre Island Fishing Report:

"Our South Padre fishing charters have been on fire lately. Good sized Redfish on these South Padre fishing trips!" - Captain Blaze

south padre island fishing charters south padre fishing charters

6) Lake Texoma Fishing Report:

"The last few weeks, Lake Texoma Striper fishing has been fabulous. We are getting daily limits of good size Stripers! I invested a little on Mask, and it has gone over great. I love fishing as a guide here and after 23 years experience I still love meeting old customer as well as new customers. I am leaving each morning at 6:30am and back in with limits in some 3-4 hours. I clean and bag your catch. I have a nice cleaning dock, where my 1994 offshore Triton is moored. Boathouse 14 at Little Mineral Resort, Pottsboro Texas." - Captain JD

lake texoma fishing guides lake texoma striper guide lake texoma fishing guide lake texoma striper fishing guide

7) Decker Lake Fishing Report:

"Decker Lake - The bass fishing is good fishing soft plastic worms in submerged vegetation in 5-8 ft of water!" - Ander

austin bass fishing guides

Beyond Texas Fishing Reports:

1) Venice, Louisiana Fishing Report:

"Speckled Trout depend on wind and weather but the Bull Redfish are out on our Venice fishing charters! Come through to catch your Louisiana Redfish and Speckled Trout fix today!" - Captain Chad

venice fishing charters venice fishing guides venice fishing trips louisiana fishing charters louisiana fishing trips

2) Saint Bernard, Louisiana Fishing Report:

"I am sure ready for this quarantine to be over. I miss seeing all of my returning customers and meeting all of my new ones. In my off time I have been taking great care of the Drake Lodge and making improvements to it for the fishing season this summer and the duck season this fall. If you’ve never stayed at my lodge, I highly recommend you check it out. It sits up high in Shell Beach and you have a nice view of the marsh and bayou from the front porch. It’s the perfect place to relax before your hunting and fishing trips with me.

As for the fishing, I’ve been getting out at least once a week. Family and friends are loving their trips with me. Last week I had my buddy Jeff and his son Max. We got on the Speckled Trout and wore them out. If you know me, you know trout fishing is my main thing and I love taking people out to catch Speckled Trout.

Of course this time of year, the trout are out in the open water so we need the wind to stay manageable to fish trout safely and comfortably. I watch the forecast closely every day and if we can get to trout, we will. Typically, if we can get to them, we get the limit. We are opening back up for business so I’d love to take you and show you what I’ve learned about trout over all my years of guiding.

The lodge is clean and the trout are biting!" - Captain Jimmy

3) Hopedale, Louisiana Fishing Report:

"A late start and high winds didn't stop Jamie Gannon and the DYNAMIC AUDIO VIDEO crew from a two stop shop on some perfect redfish!!!" - Captain Seth

louisiana redfish guides louisiana redfish fishing guides

4) Grand Isle, Louisiana Fishing Report:

"Red fishing has been outstanding both on the flats in the deep water. The flounder bite is picking. We had several this week that were over 17". Speckled Trout fishing is still a little slow. They could be feeding at night." - Captain Kyle

grand isle fishing guides grand isle fishing charters

5) West Palm Beach, Florida Fishing Report:

"15. 8 lb Kingfish, along with Mutton Snapper Barracuda here fishing West Palm Beach yesterday. Kingfish was caught by Ann Neumann on her birthday fishing trip. I caught the Mutton Snapper and Barracuda." - Captain Rudy

west palm beach fishing charters west palm beach fishing trips west palm beach fishing guides

6) Islamorada, Florida Fishing Report:

"The Florida Keys are full of Tarpon and they open on June 1st for business. There have been large amounts of fish feeding around bridges on flies and on live bait. There has been little pressure for the past few months and these fish are eager to chow. Come join me for some epic fishing in the Florida Keys before these fish get pressured and wise up!" - Captain Josh

islamorada fishing guides

7) Pymatuning Reservoir, Pennsylvania:

"Musky fishing has remained excellent on Pymatuning Reservoir." - Brian

musky fishing guides pennsylvania musky fishing musky fishing gudies pa musky fishing muskie fishing guides

Thanks for reading this week's Big Ol Mess and Happy Memorial Day!