Everything You Need to Know About Naples, Florida Fishing

Fishing in Naples

Naples, Florida is a beautiful city surrounded by mangroves and shallow flats for inshore anglers to explore. While offshore, there are ample wrecks and reefs to troll or deep drop. This means the action is hot no matter what kind of angling you are after.

Naples Freshwater Fishing

If saltwater doesn’t suit your fancy stay inland and target canals for unique freshwater action. The freshwater species here are the usual largemouth bass, sunfish, and catfish, but also include exotics like the peacock bass, Mayan cichlids, spotted tilapia, and Oscars. With the unusual variety of freshwater fish in Naples, targeting freshwaters species here is sure to be a memorable experience.

Naples Inshore Fishing

Naples is surrounded by mangroves, flats, sandbars, jetties, and piers that harbor an abundance of inshore fish species.

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Places to Stay in Naples, Florida