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Every seventeen years, a natural spectacle unfolds across various regions in the United States: the emergence of cicadas in vast numbers. This year, a rare and exciting event is set to occur—a double brood. This phenomenon not only captivates entomologists but also excites anglers, offering a unique fishing opportunity that is second to none.

Understanding Cicadas and Their Life Cycle

Cicadas are fascinating insects with a life cycle that intrigues scientists and nature enthusiasts alike. Most cicadas spend the majority of their life underground as nymphs, emerging only in the final year to mate and lay eggs. This emergence is staggered, with some species appearing every 13 or 17 years. A double brood, where two cycles overlap, creates an unusually high density of these insects, providing a feast for local wildlife, especially fish.

Why Cicadas Are Popular for Fishing

Fly Fishing With Cicadas

The abundance of cicadas during their emergence periods makes them an excellent bait for fishing. The insects naturally fall into rivers and lakes, attracting fish to the surface. This feeding frenzy allows anglers to experience more active bites and potentially larger catches, making cicada emergences a much-anticipated event in the fishing calendar.

Regional Impact and What to Expect During the Cicada Emergence

Midwest States

  • Illinois: Known for its numerous lakes and rivers, Illinois will see a dramatic increase in fish activity during the cicada emergence. Local fishing events are a great way to engage with the community and learn from experienced anglers. View All Trips In Illinois

  • Missouri: With diverse fishing spots from the Lake of the Ozarks to the Missouri River, anglers can expect topwater fishing to be particularly rewarding during the emergence. View All Trips In Missouri

  • Iowa: The natural lakes and waterways in Iowa will be teeming with fish feeding on cicadas. Fishing competitions often coincide with the emergence, making it a perfect time for anglers to showcase their skills.

  • Wisconsin: Wisconsin's rich freshwater environments will provide plentiful opportunities for fishing during the cicada boom. Anglers might find especially good catches in places like Lake Winnebago. View All Trips In Wisconsin

  • Michigan: Home to thousands of lakes and rivers, Michigan will see an explosion of fishing activity as fish go after the fallen cicadas. This is an excellent time for both fly fishing and traditional angling. View All Trips In Michigan

  • Indiana: Indiana's water bodies will come alive with cicada-induced fishing frenzies. It's an ideal time for anglers looking to catch bass and other local species. View All Trips In Indiana

Southern States

  • Arkansas: Fish in Arkansas respond eagerly to the cicada emergence, creating ideal conditions for surface fishing in the Arkansas River and other local waterways.
    View All Trips In Arkansas

  • Alabama: Alabama's warmer temperatures may trigger an earlier cicada emergence. The state's numerous lakes and rivers will offer fantastic fishing spots as fish feed on the surface. View All Trips In Alabama

  • Mississippi: In Mississippi, expect robust fish activity in the Mississippi River and other local fishing spots, with cicadas luring fish to the topwater. View All Trips In Mississippi

  • Georgia: Georgia's diverse aquatic habitats will see increased fish action, making it a prime time for anglers to capture their best catch of the season. View All Trips In Georgia

  • Louisiana: Known for both freshwater and saltwater fishing, Louisiana will benefit from the cicada emergence as both types of environments will see increased fish feeding activity. View All Trips In Louisiana

  • Tennessee: The lakes and rivers of Tennessee will be buzzing with activity as fish take advantage of the cicada emergence for feeding, offering excellent conditions for sport fishing. View All Trips In Tennessee

  • Kentucky: With prolific fishing locations like Lake Cumberland, Kentucky's waters will be a hotspot for anglers during the cicada season, promising lively topwater fishing experiences.

Atlantic States

  • South Carolina: Both inland and nearshore waters in South Carolina will experience different impacts from the cicada sounds, attracting various fish species and enhancing fishing prospects. View All Trips In South Carolina

  • North Carolina: North Carolina's diverse ecosystems, from the Appalachian streams to coastal waters, will see varied fishing opportunities as cicadas attract fish across the state. View All Trips In North Carolina

  • Virginia: Virginia's rivers and coastal areas will offer unique fishing experiences. The cicada emergence could bring larger marine species closer to shore, creating unusual and exciting fishing opportunities. View All Trips In Virginia