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Marlin Fishing Charters

Marlin are often called the ultimate sport fish by anglers around the world. These fish weigh hundreds and sometimes thousands of pounds and are better measured in feet than inches. Their strength and elusive behavior will test any angler which is why they are often considered the ultimate sportfish. If you’re looking to check marlin off of your bucket list, here’s the top three places to take a trip offshore.

Landing a Black Marlin

Marlin Fishing in Hawaii

The Hawaiian Islands are the peaks of an underwater mountain range putting deep water and huge fish well within reach. The fishing opportunities in Hawaii will spoil any deep sea with travel times measured in minutes and fights that can last hours. All of the Hawaiian Islands have similarly exceptional fishing and every trip has the potential to hook up with massive fish.

The most prized sportfish in Hawaii is the blue marlin. These bluewater behemoths as fast, strong, aggressive, and grow over 1,000 pounds. Blue marlin over 1,000 pounds are called a grander, and Hawaii has been responsible for landing over 150 of them. The striped marlin is a smaller relative of the blue marlin but both of these fish are fierce and require anglers to be on point if you want to land one.

In the winter months, striped marlin are on the hunt in the waters surrounding the islands. Summer into fall is the peak bite for blue marlin in Hawaii and is easily the best time to take a trip. Despite these peak seasons, marlin are available in the area year-round.

Marlin Fishing in Destin

Blue marlin are one of the true treats when going past the shelf for pelagics. Destin offshore is known as a haven for big blue marlin and the trophy opportunities mean tons of anglers coming June to October for a chance at the big one. Thanks to its location, Destin is the closest spot in the Gulf of Mexico to the Continetal Shelf. The Continental shelf is famous for holding an incredible amount of baitfish which draws the attention of some truly huge marlin.

Since Destin is in Gulf of Mexico it has access to both white and blue marlin. The bite peaks for these bluewater giants in July when water temperatures are high. If you’re looking for a destination with access to some of the best marlin fishing in the country that doubles as an excellent vacation spot, Destin is the perfect place for a trip.

Puerto Rico Marlin Fishing

In just 15 minutes after boarding your Puerto Rico fishing charter, you can troll waters thousands of feet deep. This is a great place to head during the winter for sailfish but also huge marlin. The year-round tropical temperatures make Puerto Rico an ideal spot to target blue and white marlin. The bite here is best during the late summer and fall but these big predators never leave the area. This large island has access to endless currents and ledges that hold an abundance of baitfish. The ideal conditions and endless supply of food draws in large pelagic species like marlin and turns it into a truly year round fishery.