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Venice Fishing Charters

Just reading about the fishing in Venice is enough to get any angler excited. The reason why Louisiana license plates have "Sportsman's Paradise" is largely due to the quality of fishing and hunting on the Mississippi Delta. It's arguably the best place to fish in the entire gulf. Located just miles from where the Mississippi meets the ocean, there are unlimited spots to fish.

Normally the ride out to prime fishing waters requires a long boat ride. Not in Venice. Just a short ride offshore, and the waters get dramatically deeper. This means you can get to the fish quickly, and spend more time fishing. Incredible inshore fishing is also just around the corner. Limitless bayous, canals, and bays are home to inshore monsters.

Whether you're fishing in the shadow of an oil rig, or cruising skinny water, the fishing in Venice is like no other.

Venice Deep Sea Fishing Charters

With the possible exception of Key West and Veracruz, there is nowhere in the Gulf of Mexico closer to the continental slope. Access to pelagic bluewater species is just a short boat ride away. Add that to the deepwater canyons, seamounts, and countless oil rigs, and you have a perfect recipe for offshore fishing.

Many anglers come to Venice for one thing: Yellowfin Tuna. Anywhere else, getting to big Yellowfin waters would take hours. When you leave from Venice, you can get there in minutes. 17 miles from the Southwest Pass is the Midnight Lump, which is most likely the best place to catch Yellowfin Tuna in the United States. They can be caught year-round, but the fishing is best in the winter months.

Of course, there are other species to go after once you get your Yellowfin limit. Deep water means big pelagics, so Blue and Striped Marlin, Wahoo, Mahi-Mahi, and Swordfish are also on the menu. Multi-day trips out of Venice often yield a mixed bag of bluewater beasts.

Venice Inshore Fishing Charters

Other destinations may have both great inshore and offshore fishing, but not like Venice. Whether you're in town on a multi-day inshore-offshore combo trip, or just heading down for a morning on the water, the inshore bite is firing on all cylinders.

If you fished the Venice inshore waters for an entire lifetime, you still wouldn't be able to cover all of it. All guides have their favorite fishing spots, but the truth is, the fish are everywhere. Amongst its many nicknames, Venice has also been dubbed The Redfish Capital of the World, and for good reason.

In the summertime, Tarpon stop by the bays and bayous around Venice on their yearly migration around the gulf. Hooking into "The Silver King" on the bayou is an experience no angler will forget. For the ultimate challenge, hit the backcountry with a fly rod. Tarpon are never a guarantee, but you'll have your hands full with massive Redfish and Speckled Trout.

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What are you waiting for? The Sportsman's Paradise is waiting for anyone who doesn't mind going a little off the grid. You'll find out why anglers develop a deep affinity to this incredible environment. There's no better place to experience Mississippi Delta living and fishing than heading down to The End of the World. Contact Captain Experiences today to plan and book the Venice fishing charter of a lifetime.

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