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Everything to Know About Booking a black grouper fishing charter

What are the best black grouper fishing charters?

Our Damn Good Guides currently offer 99 black grouper trips, and the most popular trips are Combo - Reef/Trolling guided by Brantley, Full Day – Offshore Bottom Fishing guided by Gene, and Key West Night Fishing Trip - 24' Sailfish guided by Justin.

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What types of black grouper fishing charters are common?

Nearshore fishing is the most popular for black grouper as well as offshore fishing, inshore fishing, and flats fishing.

The most common fishing techniques are bottom fishing, heavy tackle fishing, and trolling but light tackle fishing and jigging are popular as well.

How much do black grouper fishing charters cost?

for black grouper prices can range anywhere from $280 to $3,000 and up, but the average price for a half day for black grouper is $1,443. The average price for a full day for black grouper is $2,383.

When is the best time to go black grouper fishing?

The most popular season for black grouper fishing is summer, and most anglers book their trips 30 days in advance.

Where can I get a fishing license for black grouper and what are the bag limits for black grouper?

See here for more information on black grouper fishing licenses, black grouper bag limits, and fishing season regulations for black grouper. When in doubt, your fishing guide will always know the right black grouper rules and regulations.

What is a Black Grouper?

Black grouper (Mycteroperca bonaci), also known as black or marbled rockfish, is a marine member of the grouper subfamily. It is often confused with the gag, misty, and Warsaw grouper. They are the largest keep-able member of the groupers, and are known for their strength and fast reflexes, giving them the nickname the “freight train”

They have a meaty, oblong body, with spiny dorsal and anal fins that have dark blue or black borders. They range from olive to gray in coloration and have dark, brassy spots on their head and sides. Their tiny eyes sit on a large, blocky head, with their lower jaw extending out.

Black grouper are protogynous hermaphrodites, which means that they are all born female. Once they reach the size and age of sexual maturity, at around ten years, some will turn into males for reproduction purposes.

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What's biting?

Black Grouper Fishing Reports from Our Damn Good Guides. See more black grouper fishing reports.

    The last couple weeks the wind has kept some from getting out and fishing but when the weather has cooperated fishing had been producing some nice fish. Trolling for Pelagic's has been spotty and when you do find them numbers have been down compared to previous seasons. Bottom fishing when you find your spot has been extremely good producing keeper gag grouper and for some reason lots of cobia. Almost every bottom trip produces keeper size cobia. Many of us agree that our cooler than usual spring that went straight to intense summer heat may have derailed some of the usual migration of certain species. That being said last few days those missing fishing are starting to show.

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