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A Certified Damn Good Guide is someone who goes above and beyond to show you an incredible experience on your trip. Guides earn this badge through quality reviews, quick and responsive communication, and low cancellation rates.
Fishing in South Padre Island

Deep Sea Fishing Charter in South Padre Island

South Padre Island Deep Sea

92% (13)
35 ft 1 - 6 People From $1,235
Fishing in Islamorada

Deep Sea Fishing Charter in Islamorada

Offshore Thrills

94% (16)
40 ft 1 - 6 People From $1,100
Fishing in Fort Lauderdale

Deep Sea, Nearshore Fishing Charter in Fort Lauderdale

Unforgettable Day Offshore

93% (15)
45 ft 1 - 6 People From $850
Fishing in Stock Island

Deep Sea, Nearshore Fishing Charter in Stock Island

Key West Nearshore/Offshore Trip

100% (3)
63 ft 1 - 12 People From $1,600
Fishing in Tulum

Deep Sea, Nearshore Fishing Charter in Tulum

Tulum Trophy Hunt

83% (6)
25 ft 1 - 4 People From $385
Fishing in Key West

Deep Sea, Nearshore Fishing Charter in Key West

Key West Fishing Slam

91% (11)
36 ft 1 - 6 People From $1,050

Top Cities for Sailfish Fishing

“Our Damn Good Guides go above and beyond to provide you an incredible trip, and we’ve handpicked every single one. We’re passionate about the outdoors and about empowering people to find the perfect-match guide for the trip of a lifetime, every time.”

Jonathan and Attison   |   Co-founders   |   Austin, Texas

More Sailfish Fishing Charters

Fishing in Key West
Fishing in Key West
Fishing in Key West
trip description for Legendary Fishing in Key West in Key West

Head out for a fun-filled action-packed charter with Captain Chuck aboard his Ocean Yacht for an epic Key West fishing experience! For most trips, you will be trolling the nearshore and close offshore waters for Bonito, Mackerel, Wahoo, Mahi Mahi, and whatever else emerges from the beautiful waters off the southernmost point of the United States! The longer the trip, the more species you can expect to catch (and the bigger the fish!) Captain Chuck fishes aboard a well-maintained 55 foot Ocean Sport Fisher. She is fully equipped to fish, outfitted with a Furuno electronics package and all the tackle you will need for your Key West Fishing Adventure. With dual 725 horse power Detroit Diesel engines powering this vessel, you can get from the dock to prime fishing spots quick to allow you to begin fishing faster! You're welcome to be as involved as you'd like as well, for those who just want to cool off and watch the action from inside the air-conditioned cabin, we have a luxurious space for them to relax until the next big fish gets on the hook. Read More

Deep Sea, Nearshore Fishing Charter near Key Largo

Legendary Fishing In Key West

100% (6)
55 ft 1 - 6 People From $1,100
Fishing in Hollywood
Fishing in Hollywood
Fishing in Hollywood
trip description for World Famous Sportfishing - Large Group in Hollywood

Calling all thrill-seekers and fishing enthusiasts! Are you ready to embark on an epic offshore fishing adventure out of Hollywood, Florida? Look no further than Captain David and his 48' Stapleton sportfisher! On this trip, you'll be reeling in some of America's most exciting and sought-after offshore species, including Sailfish, Barracuda, Mahi Mahi, Groupers, and Snappers. Captain David is an extremely experienced captain who knows these waters like the back of his hand, and he'll take you to all the best spots to make the catch of a lifetime. But it's not just about the fishing! On board his luxurious 48' Stapleton sportfisher, you'll be able to relax and enjoy the comfortable experience. With a spacious deck and all the latest fishing technology, you'll be equipped to catch even the most elusive fish. Captain David has kitted her out with a fighting chair, Tuna Tubes for your live bait, outriggers, live wells, and more-all to enhance your experience and give you the best shot at massive success! Captain David is passionate about fishing and loves nothing more than sharing his knowledge and expertise with his clients. Whether you're a seasoned angler or a beginner, he'll provide expert guidance and support to ensure that you have an unforgettable experience on the water. Gather your friends or family and book your offshore fishing trip with Captain David today! Read More

Deep Sea, Nearshore Fishing Charter near Key Largo

World Famous Sportfishing - Large Group

100% (3)
48 ft 1 - 17 People From $1,800
Fishing in Freeport
Fishing in Freeport
Fishing in Freeport
trip description for Freeport Run - 38' Luhrs in Freeport

Climb aboard the one-of-a-kind sport fisher for a luxury seafaring experience with Captain JT and Danny. At 38 feet long and almost 14 feet wide, the vessel offers lots of shaded space, two AC systems, satellite TV and music, and a legendary hull design. Needless to say, you will be much more comfortable than on most other boats. It’s equipped with state-of-the-art electronics, safety equipment including a satellite phone, epirb, and 8 man life raft. Two captains run trips often at the same time, Danny is the fishing expert, and JT is a diving expert. The boat is powered by twin 420 horsepower Yanmar diesel engines that are meticulously maintained by the Captains. For fishing, the equipment includes premium bottom fishing rods and reels, Penn international bent butt trolling rod and reels, and two heavy-duty electric reels for deep dropping in 350 + feet. The navigation system has more than 3000 way points saved over the years known to hold fish. The tackle on board will accommodate all types of possible offshore fishing. Half-Day Charters targets kingfish and blacktip sharks. 10 Hour Charters targets reef fish like snappers and grouper. Surface fishing for kingfish and ling. 12 Hour Charter adds fishing deeper wrecks and rigs for amberjack, grouper, shark, golden tile, and barrel fish as well as trolling for mahi, wahoo, and blackfin tuna. 14 Hour trips allow for more time spent over deep water wrecks and rigs and usually correlate with more and larger fish! Read More

Deep Sea Fishing Charter near Key Largo

Freeport Run - 38' Luhrs

38 ft 1 - 6 People From $2,220
Damn Good
A Certified Damn Good Guide is someone who goes above and beyond to show you an incredible experience on your trip. Guides earn this badge through quality reviews, quick and responsive communication, and low cancellation rates.
Fishing in Caguas
Fishing in Caguas
Fishing in Caguas
trip description for Puerto Rico Offshore - 42’ Egg Harbour in Caguas

Hit the water with Captain Angel and go after monster fish off the coast of San Juan! On this 4 to 8-hour action-packed adventure, Captain Angel will help you target Blue Marlin, Mahi Mahi, Sailfish, Spearfish, Swordfish, Wahoo, White Marlin, and Yellowfin Tuna. Whether you want to go after these fish using Tackle, Trolling, Bottom Fishing, Deep Dropping or Jigging, this hefty boat will have you covered. Anything you reel in on this trip is guaranteed to be worthy of a picture, and the Blue Marlin is no exception. These fish are found in tropical and warm temperate oceanic waters. Growing to over 1,000 lbs, they are the true Apex sportfish of the Atlantic. Other catches like Wahoo, Yellowfin Tuna, Mahi-Mahi or Swordfish will be sure to provide an unforgettable at home meal. You’ll be fishing aboard Captain Angel's 42' Egg Harbour Golden Egg powered by 2 550 HP Detroit engines. One of the most equipped vessels in San Juan, she can accommodate 6 anglers and has its own generators, ac interiors, bathroom and Simrad electronics GPS/Fishfinders. This top-of-the-line boat is powerful and luxurious, and will have no problem getting you offshore. Captain Angel will provide everything you need for a productive day on the water. He will have all rods, reels, tackle, and live bait (included in the price). Trips also include bottled water, a variety of soft drinks, dry snacks, and all-day trips will include lunch sandwiches. Read More

Deep Sea Fishing Charter near Key Largo

Puerto Rico Offshore - 42’ Egg Harbour

75% (8)
42 ft 1 - 6 People From $950
Fishing in Key West
Fishing in Key West
Fishing in Key West
trip description for Key West Offshore Action in Key West

Climb aboard with Captain John and experience an action-packed day of fishing in Key West, Florida. If you have never been to Key West before, you’re missing out! And if you’re looking for a knowledgeable charter captain to take you out, Captain John is a great choice. As a 5th generation fisherman in Key West, Captain John knows exactly where the fish bite. Test your casting accuracy as you target Amberjack, Cobia, Goliath Grouper, African Pompano, Sailfish, Bull SharkYellowtail Snapper, Swordfish, Blackfin Tuna, and many more species. You’ll be fishing aboard Captain John’s 33-foot center console equipped with two 300 HP engines. She also has a GPS, fishfinder, flybridge, live bait well, outriggers, and tuna tubes. Captain John will provide Spearfishing Equipment and Snorkeling equipment free of charge if you’re interested. He welcomes 6 anglers on these 4, 6, and 8-hour adventures. Make sure you bring food and drinks for the day (preferably no glass) as well as a hat and sunscreen. Captain John will provide all licenses, rods, reels, lures, and tackle. He will also prepare live bait before the trip, although you can catch the bait during the trip if you’d like. For the 6-and 8-hour trips, a first mate will be on board to help you at all times. They will help you clean and fillet your fish at the end of the trip. Whatever your skill level, there is a fish out here with your name on it. Come and join Captain John for an exciting day of fishing! Read More

Deep Sea Fishing Charter near Key Largo

Key West Offshore Action

88% (8)
33 ft 1 - 6 People From $1,000
Fishing in Wrightsville Beach
Fishing in Wrightsville Beach
Fishing in Wrightsville Beach
trip description for Fishing Charter Special - 26’ C-Hawk in Wrightsville Beach

Head out with Captain Jordan for an awesome day out on the water! You will be fishing from a custom-rigged 26 ft C-Hawk, Equipped with the latest electronics package and safety gear, and provides a comfortable and quick ride to the fishing grounds. As a second-generation fisherman, fishing is in Captain Jordan's blood and the proof is in the pudding when you hop aboard his boat. Launching from Wrightsville beach, Captain Jordan specializes in a variety of nearshore and offshore gamefish including Bluefish, Spanish Mackerel, Sailfish, Wahoo, Mahi Mahi, Amberjack, King Mackerel, and an assortment of bottom fish. You are welcome to bring snacks and drinks. Children of all ages are welcome. Starting times are flexible and custom charters are available to meet your needs. Read More

Deep Sea, Nearshore Fishing Charter near Key Largo

Fishing Charter Special - 26’ C-Hawk

100% (2)
26 ft 1 - 4 People From $450
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Everything to Know About Booking a sailfish fishing charter

What are the best sailfish fishing charters?

Why should I book a sailfish fishing charter with Captain Experiences?

Our Damn Good Guides currently offer 395 sailfish trips, and the most popular trips are South Padre Island Deep Sea guided by Emilio, Offshore Thrills guided by Paul, and Unforgettable Day Offshore guided by Tim.

Our guides are rated a 4.76 out of 5 based on 2880 verified reviews on Captain Experiences.

All guides on Captain Experiences are licensed, insured, and vetted by our team. You can access their reviews, click through trip photos, read bios to get to know them, and preview trip details like species, techniques, group sizes, boat specs and more.

Looking for kid friendly sailfish guides / fishing lessons? Check out our beginner and family friendly sailfish guides.

What types of sailfish fishing charters are common?

Deep Sea fishing is the most popular for sailfish as well as nearshore fishing, inshore fishing, and jetty fishing.

The most common fishing techniques are trolling, heavy tackle fishing, and bottom fishing but live bait fishing and light tackle fishing are popular as well.

How much do sailfish fishing charters cost?

for sailfish prices can range anywhere from about $800 to $4,025, but the average price for a half day trip for sailfish is $1,264. The average price for a full day trip for sailfish is $2,658.

What month is best for sailfish fishing?

The most popular season for sailfish fishing is summer, and most anglers book their trips 69 days in advance.

Do I need a fishing license for sailfish and what are the bag limits for sailfish?

See here for more information on sailfish fishing licenses, sailfish bag limits, and fishing season regulations for sailfish. When in doubt, your fishing guide will always know the right sailfish rules and regulations.

What is a Sailfish?

The sailfish (Istiophorus platypterus) is most recognizable for it’s large dorsal fin, or sail, that stretches along their entire back. Known as the cheetah of the ocean, they are some of the fastest marine creatures alive, swimming up to 70 miles per hour, making them highly prized by anglers despite being one of the smaller species of billfish.

Other distinguishing characteristics of sailfish are their blue to gray coloring, and elongated bill. These colors will change into rust color and even black while hunting. There are two types of sailfish, the Pacific Sailfish, and the Atlantic Sailfish, who reside in the Pacific and Atlantic oceans respectively.

How big do Sailfish get?

Sailfish grow quickly, being born at 0.125 inches long, and getting up to four to five feet within a single year. At full maturity, they can grow upwards of 10 feet long and 200 pounds.

That being said, there tends to be a size difference between the Atlantic and Pacific sailfishes. Pacific sailfish can get up to up to a foot longer than the biggest Atlantic sailfish. They can also be much heavier, by up to 70 pounds.

What's the biggest Sailfish ever caught?

In 1947, Carl Stewart caught the largest sailfish ever recorded. It was a Pacific sailfish landed out of the waters of Santa Cruz Island in Ecuador. This giant weighed in over 220 pounds, and was over 11 feet long.

Where is the best place to catch Sailfish?

Sailfish are spread across tropical and subtropical waters, staying in preferred water temperatures of 70 to 83 degrees. They stay close to the surface, usually alone or in small groups, sometimes schooling when hunting.

In the Atlantic, one of the best places to target sailfish is Florida. There are hotspots along the entire Floridian coast, including Miami, the Keys, the Panhandle, and Destin. Outside of the United States, some of the top areas are Bermuda, Puerto Rico, and Hawaii.

When in the Pacific, Guatemala and Costa Rica are the go-to places. For the best of both Pacific and Atlantic oceans, head to Mexico, where you can go to either coast for access.

When should I catch Sailfish?

Sailfish are typically good to fish year-round, it just depends on where they are in their migration to make sure you’re headed to the right area. For example Eastern Atlantic Sailfish have a seasonal migration south towards warmer waters, so the best time to target them is November through February. Peak season worldwide though tends to be from May to September, especially in July, since summer is the sailfish’s spawning season.

How do you catch Sailfish?

The most common way to hook a sailfish is by fast trolling, using artificial or natural bait. Artificials typically used are plastic lures, feathers, or spoons. Natural bait is preferred, however, and can be live or dead and cut into strips, with options like mullet, ballyhoo, or mackerel. Other methods like jigs, poppers, kite fishing, and fly fishing can also be used.

The “dropback” technique is highly recommended for sailfish. To do so, you should feed line to the sailfish once it is spotted approaching the bait. Continue to free spool until you’re sure that the bait has been taken, then set the drag, wait until there is no more slack, set the hook and get ready to fight. Sailfish are know for their acrobatic leaps, shaking their head, and tail-walking, which is where they skip across the water using their tails.

Are Sailfish good to eat? What are the best Sailfish recipes?

Much like other billfish, sailfish are most often caught and released. They are edible, however they are not considered the most palatable since the meat tends to be very tough, and they also have a high mercury content.

Recent Reviews of Captain Experiences

  • ★★★★★
    This was an absolutely amazing trip! The crew was very friendly and entertained all our questions. When we were done, they cleaned the fish, took it to the restaurant and suggested how to best have it prepared. I've never had such fresh fish before. I highly recommend anyone to book with Captain experiences!

    Michael N. with Alberto G. of Cancún, Quintana Roo

  • ★★★★★
    We had an incredible day with Antonio and Russia. They led us to the fish and we caught 9 Mahi Mahi. They were great company and took good care of us!

    Maggie B. with Antonio E. of Key West, Florida

  • ★★★★★
    Awesome day on the water today - Capt Steve put us on the fish and Stan kept us reeling with many triple hookups. Wore my boys out. Appreciate all the knowledge they shared too. Tight lines!

    Danny C. with Walter K. of Key West, Florida

  • ★★★★★
    Jason was great! He was very responsive during the lead up to the trip. I had my wife and 4 kids on the trip. We all enjoyed the time together! Gorgeous day. I recommend using Jason for your fishing journeys!

    Allen with Jason C. of Miami, Florida

  • ★★★★★
    100% would book again. My group had the BEST time with Captain Paulie!! He made sure we all caught plenty of fish big and small and that everyone had a great time! We each caught numerous snapper, jack, and even a Barracuda! We HIGHLY recommend Captain Paulie!

    Michael G. with Paulie M. of Key West, Florida

  • ★★★★★
    Absolutely fantastic trip! Josh and Kurt took fantastic care of us, we caught plenty of fish, and locked into a really nice Amberjack!

    Jon S. with Brantley G. of Destin, Florida

  • ★★★★★
    Was a great trip, while we didn't get all we wanted the crew worked there butt off!!! Would for sure book through them again!!

    Travis Z. with Mark B. of Key West, Florida

  • ★★★★★
    Caught a ~25 lb blackfin tuna and a 9ft 2inch great white

    Jorge G. with Tim M. of Fort Lauderdale, Florida

  • ★★★★★
    Mason was phenomenal. Easy to talk to, engaging, great at teaching, and fun to be with… we got Mahi-Mahi and an exotic. We had a blast and will go fishing with Mason again soon!!!

    Patrick . with Rob D. of Key West, Florida

  • ★★★★★
    My son and I went on a 4 hour fishing trip from Pompano Beach through the Hillsboro Beach Inlet. Captain Dave and mate Tom crewed the boat. They were both professional and very friendly. They made us feel welcome immediately and Captain Dave in particular showed interest in my son who had not been on a deep sea trip previously. They both made the utmost efforts to find us fish. They told us that the morning trip had been pretty quite but they did a lot to find fish, which they did. We ended up landing 5 fish of different species and Tom was kind enough as well as skilled enough to clean the Mahi Mahi and Black Tuna for us to take with us. I would definitely go out with them again the next time we go.

    David O. with Tim M. of Fort Lauderdale, Florida

  • ★★★★★
    Captain John was simply incredible! I have been fishing my entire life and know a great guide… Captain John is the real deal. He took the time to understand what we wanted to catch and then nailed it… put us on exactly what we wanted all day long. He was friendly, engaging and fun. We will be back to fish w Captain John again!!

    Patrick . with John D. of Key West, Florida

  • ★★★★★
    We had an amazing time on a tough fishing day, would definitely book again when I am in the area. Andrew is great with the kids, and super patient with the beginners. He did everything he could to put us on fish. He also pointed out the abundance of wildlife, including sea turtles, hammerhead sharks, and a manatee. Everything we could hope for with my son's first saltwater fishing adventure.

    William S. with Andrew A. of Key Largo, Florida

  • ★★★★★
    We booked a 3/4 day after speaking with the captain the (plan) was made to shoot out deep and if we were not hitting them we would come in on the 3/4 day booking rather than a full day. Captain troy and his first mate worked as hard as I have ever seen to get fish on the boat. Not sure but at one time I think he had a deep running plug in one marlin plug and 4 top water trolling plugs so it looked like they were shooting for many different depths. We finally got into the mahi-mahi it was on. The first mate and captain maneuvered through 4 men as quick as humanly possible pulling fish off the lines and baiting hooks and handing them back. The only true way to explain it would be controlled chaos. These guys are GREAT at what they do and both the first mate and the captain seem to be fantastic people in there own right. So if your looking for a hard working boat stop here at Miller Time....

    Vance T. with Troy W. of Islamorada, Florida

  • ★★★★★
    I've been out on charters many, many times mostly down the east coast but also in Cabo. I must say the trip out with captain Manny is one of the two best trips out I've ever experienced. Her out is on fish, Jordan (the mate) ensured the rods and basis were correct and ready to catch fish. This was just a half day trip but next trip I'm going full day. Wow, I highly recommend Captain Manny!!!!! The catch highlights have to include the 54" barracuda and a 7' shark (it took two of us tag teaming and over 30 minutes to bring the shark alongside the boat for measurement.

    Steve H. with Manny S. of Miami Beach, Florida

  • ★★★★★
    Great fishing. Captain Paul delivered and put us on plenty of Mahi-Mahi. 5 star experience.

    Gary A. with Paul J. of Islamorada, Florida

  • ★★★★★
    Great time with Captain Tim

    Todd S. with Tim M. of Mount Pleasant, South Carolina

  • ★★★★★
    Had a great time. Would definitely go out with them again

    Donald H. with Mark B. of Key West, Florida

  • ★★★★★
    Captain Nels always knows how to find the fish, and not just your average sizes but mammoths and giants. Great crew and a great boat too, we loved the couches inside to catch a quick break from the sun.

    Bosko S. with Mark B. of Key West, Florida

  • ★★★★★
    Had a fantastic 8-hour trip with Brad. He put us on the fish and provided excellent service!

    Nathaniel H. with Brad A. of Pompano Beach, Florida

  • ★★★★★
    Beautiful boat and super nice crew

    Eric P. with Ralph M. of Miami Beach, Florida

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