Everything You Need to Know About Lake Tahoe, California Fishing

Fishing Lake Tahoe

Beautiful vistas meet freshwater fishing, that is what you can expect to find at Lake Tahoe. Straddling the border between California and Nevada this lake in the heart of the Sierra Nevada range will supply you with trout, salmon, and panfish all year round.

Whether you are out on a ski trip, summer vacation, business trip, or are traveling just to get away from things, Lake Tahoe is a world-class destination and we hope you find a reason to get on the water for at least one day. There is never a bad time to head out and experience some crisp Sierra Nevada fresh air.

Lake Tahoe Fish Species

The year-round goal in Lake Tahoe is the Mackinaw Trout. This lake trout is the number one target and they can get up to 20 pounds. You'll have to work a bit for them, as they swim around the lake looking for the right water temperatures in the water column.

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Places to Stay in Lake Tahoe, California