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Big Ol Mess Table of Contents:

Texas Fishing Reports

  1. Aransas Pass
  2. Austin
  3. Freeport
  4. Galveston
  5. League City
  6. Livingston
  7. Matagorda
  8. Port Aransas
  9. Port Arthur
  10. Port Isabel
  11. Port O'Connor
  12. Rockport
  13. San Leon
  14. South Padre Island
  15. Willis

Beyond Texas

  1. Apalachicola (Florida)
  2. Atlantic Beach (North Carolina)
  3. Charleston (South Carolina)
  4. Clearwater (Florida)
  5. Costa Rica
  6. Destin (Florida)
  7. Gulfshore (Alabama)
  8. Herradura (Costa Rica)
  9. Islamorada (Florida)
  10. Jacksonville (Florida)
  11. Kailua-Kona (Hawaii)
  12. Kapa'a (Hawaii)
  13. Key Largo (Florida)
  14. Key West (Florida)
  15. Knoxville (Tennessee)
  16. Lake Charles (Louisiana)
  17. Leicester (North Carolina)
  18. New Smyrna Beach (Florida)
  19. Orange Beach (Alabama)
  20. Panama City (Florida)
  21. Pensacola (Florida)
  22. Port Orange (Florida)
  23. Santa Rosa Beach (Florida)
  24. St. Petersburg (Florida)
  25. Summerland Key (Florida)
  26. Tavernier (Florida)

Texas Fishing Reports

1) Aransas Pass Fishing Reports

"Redfish have been good on live mullet, gold or silver weedless spoons. Trout good on soft plastics or topwaters." - Captain Troy

Aransas Pass Fishing Charter 6

a Nice Board Full of Fish with Captain Timothy!

Aransas Pass Fishing Charter 4

Solid Day of Redfish with Captain Joe!

Aransas Pass Fishing Charter

2) Austin Fishing Reports

"You can get on several good fish by using drop shot rigged finesse worms on offshore rock in 8-12 ft of water." - Captain Ander

Austin Fishing Charters

3) Freeport Fishing Reports

"It was slow this past weekend with the harvest moon but it's picking up again." - Captain Tim's

Freeport Fishing Charters 5

"The bull red fishing and tile fishing has been great!" - Captain Rodney's

Freeport Fishing Charters 1

a Nice Variety of Fish from Captain Robert!

Freeport Fishing Charters

4) Galveston Fishing Reports

"The bite has been better in afternoon." Captain Tanner

Galveston Fishing Charter 16

"Speckled Trout biting hard (as usual)" - Captain Steve

Galveston Fishing Charter 12

"Last run of sharks before water temps start decreasing. This is a 9 ft tiger shark we caught. 2nd one of the year!" - Captain Rick

Galveston Fishing Charter 10

Several Great Hauls from Captain Nick!

Galveston Fishing Charter 6

Two Handfuls of Fishing with Captain Jason!

Galveston Fishing Charter 5

Beautiful Assortment of Fish with Captain Cole!

Galveston Fishing Charter 4

Monster Redfish with Captain Cody!

Galveston Fishing Charter

5) League City Fishing Reports

"Bull Reds Running!" - Captain Ralph

League City Fishing Charters

6) Livingston Fishing Reports

Crazy Big Gar Bowfishing with Captain Mark!

Livingston Fishing Charters 1

7) Matagorda Fishing Reports

Nice Redfish with Captain Sid!

Matagorda Fishing Charters 1

Great Weather and Great Fish with Captain Jordan!

Matagorda Fishing Charters

8) Port Aransas Fishing Reports

Nice Lineup of Redfish with Captain Steven!

Port Aransas Fishing Charters

9) Port Arthur Fishing Reports

"Trout bite in channel is still good. The fish moved up from 20ft of water to the flats. Look for them in 3-5 ft of water." Captain Chris

Port Arthur Fishing Charters

10) Port Isabel Fishing Reports

"Six Drum!" - Captain Ruben

Port Isabel Fishing Charters

11) Port O'Connor Fishing Reports

Beautiful Fish with Captain Scott!

Etoile Fishing Charters

12) Rockport Fishing Reports

"Bigger reds and aggressive eats on the flats last week. Mix of stained to clear water but sight casting was very doable." - Captain Travis

Aransas Pass Fishing Charter 5

Another Catch of the Day with Captain Toby!

Rockport Fishing Charters 1

13) San Leon Fishing Reports

Sweet Speckled Trout from Captain Ray

San Leon Fishing Charters

14) South Padre Island Fishing Reports

"This was this past weekend, fish were hungry!" - Captain Ruben

South Padre Island Fishing Charters 8

"Today's catch with Richard Denise n Joe from Houston" - Captain Ron

South Padre Island Fishing Charters 7

Several Nice Redfish with Captain Raine

South Padre Island Fishing Charters 6

"We are about to get the bull red run very soon" - Captain Henry

South Padre Island Fishing Charters 4

Plenty of Good Fish to Go Around with Captain Aaron

South Padre Island Fishing Charters

15) Willis Fishing Reports

"Largemouth Bass Bite was on this Morning!" - Captain Richard

Willis Fishing Charters