Everything You Need to Know About Lake Texoma, Texas Fishing

How is the fishing in Lake Texoma?

Formed as a reservoir on the Red River, Lake Texoma provides world-class striper fishing. The lake itself straddles Texas and Oklahoma, and is within striking distance of both Dallas-Fort Worth and Oklahoma City.

Striped Bass Fishing Lake Texoma

The flows from the Red and Washita Rivers make Lake Texoma one of the only self-sustaining freshwater striped bass fisheries in the US (likely helped by the natural salinity in the Red River). Striper fishing is good year-round, and you can see fish from 15 to 20 pounds and beyond.

Aside from the striped bass, the lake is home to a thriving population of catfish, including blue cats, channel cats, and flatheads, as well as crappie, largemouth, spotted bass, and white bass. You'll have your hands full.

Places to Stay in Lake Texoma, Texas