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Scott has been fly fishing the Kings River and th waters around the Sequoia National Forest for over 20 years! He is professional guide specializing in fly fishing the Kings River and his deep local knowledge of the area is unequaled. Scott is a graduate of the Clearwater Guide School in Northern California living and working full time at Hume Lake Christian Camps.

The Kings River is Scott's favorite freestone river absolutely full of Rainbow and Brown Trout and around every bend is a spectacular view to take in.

Scott is a great teacher and guide for any skill level. It doesn't matter if you're new to fly fishing and want to learn the sport, or you're already comfortable with your skill, Scott loves sharing his passion for fly fishing with first timers or talking shop about the local bugs and how to fish them with the experts.

Any day on the river with Scott is a memorable experience full of fun, laughter, and positivity! Oh, and lots of fish!

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If you've been looking for a truly exceptional day on the water, go no further. Your guide, Scott, is a graduate of the Northern California's Clearwater Guide School, and knows Kings River better than anyone else on it. With Scott as your guide, you'll be able to try your hand against big Brownies and Rainbows in one of America's most scenic locations, where you'll be able to relax while also piling up the fish! Scott will provide everything you need for an amazing day on the water. His love for fishing is evident in his fly-tying skills, so don't be surprised if you try out every fly in the box until the fish start biting! Scott will work hard to make sure you get your best chance to catch a multitude of fish and have a fun day doing it! The best time to be on the river is summer and fall (but regularly extending much of winter on the lower section). By summer the heavy spring flows have resided and water levels normalize making wading easy and fish more active. If the Lower Kings is too hot in the summer months, you can always visit the Upper Kings where temps are usually more enjoyable. All you need to bring on this trip is sun protection and your California Fishing License—Scott provides everything else you'll need. Get out there and have a blast! Read More

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Embark on an unforgettable fly fishing expedition in the heart of Sequoia National Forest, guided by the seasoned expertise of Captain Scott, boasting an impressive 39-year legacy in the realm of angling. With the majestic beauty of Sequoia as your backdrop, Captain Scott invites you to delve into the art of fly fishing to target a diverse array of Trout species. Set against the awe-inspiring landscapes of Sequoia, this expedition promises a harmonious blend of nature's grandeur and angling finesse. Captain Scott's extensive experience ensures that you'll receive invaluable insights and techniques honed over decades, elevating your fly fishing encounter to a whole new level. As you cast your line in pristine waters, guided by Captain Scott's unparalleled skill, the symphony of nature and sport unfolds. The tranquil beauty of the Sequoia National Forest provides an idyllic setting for pursuing a variety of Trout species, a testament to the region's rich aquatic diversity. Immerse yourself in a journey characterized by professionalism, angling mastery, and a deep appreciation for the natural world. Captain Scott's dedication to sustainable fishing practices guarantees an experience that is not only rewarding but also environmentally conscious. Discover the thrill of fly fishing in Sequoia, California, where every cast is an invitation to explore the tranquil waters and create cherished memories amidst nature's splendor. Read More

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A guide can make or break a day of fishing... This was the best day of fishing in years! Amazing guide, great laughs, so fun, and most of all we caught a ton of fish!



Scott has guided me on the Kings many times and is very knowledgeable of the river. Great teacher and loves getting people involved in fishing. He adapts to the river and each person, doing what it takes to make a great experience.



Fishing with Scott has totally changed and enhanced my love for fishing into a passion and a lifestyle!


Brook Trout, Brown Trout, Golden Trout, Rainbow Trout


Fly Fishing, Wading

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Lake, River

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64144 Hume Lake Rd #410, Hume, CA 93628, United States | Bodies of water fished: Sequoia National Forest, Stoney Creek

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