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11 Years of Experience
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Your guide Herman caught his very first Steelhead at age twelve. What began as a hobby in his teenage years, eventually became a passion. Growing up in the Pacific Northwest, Herman has fished in nearly every river from the lower Oregon border to the upper border of Washington, making him very knowledgeable about the very unique fishing conditions in this part of the country. In addition, Herman spent five years working as a fishing guide on the Chosen River in Alaska, and still occasionally makes it back to Alaska for a few weeks a year to enjoy their unique fishing.

After becoming very successful in the commercial finance field, Herman finally had the time, energy, and resources to share his passion with others. As a Coast-guard certified Operator of Uninspected Passenger Vessels (OUPV), Herman is licensed to carry up to six passengers on inland waters. Being CPR certified, bonded, and insured for your safety give you the reassurance of dealing with a professional. Herman’s knack for being aware of the latest techniques, his commitment to using only top of the line equipment, and his patience and willingness to tailor each guided trip to the skill level and needs of his customers, give him his reputation as one of the top guide in the Pacific Northwest.

Year after year, Herman fishes in all four seasons, rain or shine, consistently catching the biggest and the best. His aim is to make every trip more than just another day fishing, leaving every customer with the experience of a real Northwest fishing adventure.

Northwest Fishing Adventures – Astoria Trips

The beautiful Pacific Northwest is home to over 112,000 miles of rivers, including the Willamette and Columbia, which makes the fishing experience world-class, and second to no other place in the contiguous United States. Your veteran guide Herman's goal on every trip is to bring that world-class experience to life by getting you there, making sure you’re outfitted with top-of-the-line equipment, and sending you home with a keeper or two. On these trips, you'll be targeting Spring and Fall Chinook and Steelhead on the Columbia or Willamette River. Herman also loves to fish the North Coast and a plethora of other smaller local rivers if you prefer. The river you end up fishing on any given day will depend on the time of year, recent reports and weather, and of course your own personal preference as well! Once you're out there on the water, A full day trip can last anywhere from eight to ten hours. You will meet at the boat ramp at a predetermined time, where you and Herman will launch on the river closest to the best fishing grounds. You'll be launching aboard Herman's 20’ Rogue Marine aluminum power boat with a 175 Mercury outboard motor. You will spend the day relocating up and down the river throughout the day chasing down the biggest fish, and overall concentrating efforts on the best-performing fishing holes. On good fishing days, trips can be intense and fast-paced, making the decision of which fish to keep can be a difficult one! Read More

River Fishing Trip in Warren

Spring And Fall Salmon & Steelhead

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23 ft 1 - 5 People From $225 / person

Recent Reviews of Northwest Fishing Adventures – Astoria

David P.


My son got his string stretched first.

Brett H.


Limited the boat and had awesome weather! I cant wait for next season.

Mardy P.


Captain Herman was an awesome guide we were able to land about 50lbs worth of salmon. 3 kings one 19.5, 15, and 14 lbs. I highly recommend this trip Capt. Herman is extremely knowledgeable and his gear is top notch.

Larry J.


Herman (skipper/guide) took us to the fish and we had an AWESOME day with LOTS of action. Will DEFINITELY do this again with this guide.



Captain Herman worked his ass off to get me on fish. We changed bait, lures, locations and drift patterns to get the job done. We didn’t “fish in the pack” and had some good opportunities. His equipment is new and top notch. I caught one keeper but when it came to our agreed upon time to go back he asked if I wanted to take one more run, costing him extra money in fuel, and his time. There were a lot of boats out there fishing but today not too much net work (catches). We did land some under sized fish plus the keepers so I feel like we did extremely well!

Justin D.


We caught a few fish but were unable to keep them due to restrictions. We still had a good time. Herman was responsive, knowledgeable, entertaining and he put up with pur lousy fishing skills just fine. My brother in law had a great time so it was a success! Thank you!

Stephen J.


I can’t say enough about the experience Herman provided and all he did to make the trip happen and as comforting as possible! Plus we were on fish non stop! His boat is beautiful and comfortable. We fished numerous different setups and locations and as we watched other boats in the area fish with dry nets while we were busy with forearm workouts throughout the day reeling in salmon! I have fished Oregon a few times and this exceeded it all!! Herman is a go to!


Chinook Salmon, Steelhead


Heavy Tackle Fishing, Light Tackle Fishing, Trolling

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57420 Old Portland Rd, Warren, OR, USA | Bodies of water fished: Columbia River, Willamette River

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